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The Roberto Machado Band / Blog


i have been in a rather low tide. Sorry to those who are waiting for new material.

music etc

so, things have been a bit slow here lately. The bass player has been working on his main project. I've been getting ideas but not going very far with them. but hey, that's how it goes.


Jammed with the Bass Player today. Bit of an odd vibe. We started late (my bad) and I was hungry. Not a good combination.


I now have more song plays than fans. That at least makes a bit of sense.


Why do I have more fans than song plays?

July 17, 2012

Hi all. It's been a while but I am still here. I jsut added some video for the show I had in June. Give it a listen and let me know what you think. I am looking at early September for my next show possibly with the help of a visual artist... we'll see.

Last Nights Gig and now 33

I want to thank those who came to the show last night. I think it was a success and had a chance to speak to most people there, which was great fun. There was some recording of the show last night so I hope to put the audio to a visual and put it on YouTube in the next week for people to listen too. It was a good night of improvisational music. I am also now number 33 on the reverb nation charts in my area and genre which is excellent.

Number 38

A special big thank you to those out there who have taken time to listen to my tunes and become a fan of my music. This is going to be cheeky, but I am making a big push to increase my fan base. If you like the music you hear here, please pass it on to anyone you think might like it and encourage them to become fans. Thank you all again so very much.

Number 42

Wow. Thanks to all of you taking time to listen to my stuff I am now ranked 42 on Reverb Nation in my category in my area. Tell your friends as some more recording will be happening soon. A second draft of some new work is up and ready for you to listen.

New material on the site

That's not strictly true. I have uploaded four songs that are older jsut to have actual songs here for people to listen to rather than the bits I am currently working on especially as the recording issue is not straight forward.