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New Song

Worked last night with Bill and Matt on a new song called "Is anybody Listening" cool sort of power pop tune.. can't wait to get it finished..

Looking for Shows

We'd love to be part of show's with compatible bands Naples to Tampa.. If you need another band to fill a Bill drop us a note. Peace

Grumpy's Tonight!!!

Tonight at Grumpy's Ale House... we'd love to pack the place all night.. there's 4 bands playing so it should be a blast... TGIF and its finally not raining...

Long Hot Wet Summer

Well as the rainy season descends upon us.. Agent 13 prepares to play its last gig for while as we endeavor to record a Album containing music we've written over the last year or so... We hope to see some familiar faces and for those that haven't been out for awhile we're sharing the stage with a Naples original group the Falldowns.. should be a lot of fun so come on out.. we probably won't be out of the batcave for awhile.

Naples Showcase Live at IIWII

Great fun last night thanks to John of Naples Showcase Live and Dave and staff of IIWII. It was a BLAST!! if you haven't been you should check out the shows on Thursday evenings.. support local live original music....

Naples Showcase Live 4/11/13

We will be playing Naples Showcase Live at IIWII Beach Bar and Grill 4/11/13. We went this past Thursday to see the Wholetones.. this is a very cool venue...

Early Bill Carey music

Here's a blog and some music from Bill's wicked past give it a read and listen.


Just Posted a new Song give it a spin

Story's of you

Looking for partners

Looking for compatible bands to partner with for shows in SWFL.. if interested leave us a message.. Peace

Happy New Years

Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous 2013... If you like us let your friends know.. Will be posting better sounding remixes.. computer recording is still new to me and I've discovered how to clean up the mixes so I'm on a mission to redo them. Peace