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Ghosts Of Exile / Blog

Where I come from.

This is Shawn Michelle, I sing in Ghosts of Exile. My husband, Wally plays guitar. We met at a rock show :) Ever since we got together I have had dreams of us making music together. We were married and had a daughter and I went through a lot of crazy personal stuff. Besides basically giving my whole life over to the whims of this new litle person, having a kid was really hard on me physically. A few years into it, more health issues that I had been living with were diagnosed and had to be dealt with. I went through some very hard times & I live with chronic pain. There are twists and turns in my life that have gone down some very dark pathways. Events from my childhood that have always effected me also re-surfaced, causing more introspective pain and even threatened my life. There were days, weeks, months during these years that I would not listen to music. If you are a mom who stays home with their baby then you know, it's easy to completely forget yourself. I had been in local bands and had always been a singer since I can remember. I am very emotional. I've been called hyper-sensitive..among other things ;) but I don't look at it as a weakness,, i just feel things more than most people. I'ts also been said that I "think too much" & this I will just take as a compliment. All of this comes out in my lyrics. Everything I write has great personal meaning to me and I feel every word in my guts. Without this outlet I will seriously shrivel and die. I have gone without it for far too long & now that it is back in my grasp I will not be letting go without a fight. Wally and I have been through our share of ups and downs..I am far from an easy person to be with ;) but nothing really good comes easy right? and sometimes where we come from, you have to have a certian set of eyes to be able to see the good in anything at all.. This project is about that good. The good that lives in the gutter..at the bottom of the blank nothing. There is a hope that lives and will never die.. & it lives in music.

new singles out tomorrow 4/23/2013

Be sure to check back tomorrow 4/23/2013 for the release of "Broken" & "The War Song" !! ~Rock on!!