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Thornberry / Blog

Stubborn Sounds Showcase This Saturday!

Happy to be performing with Ben Knighten and Esther Sparks & The Whiskey Remedy this Saturday at Cannon Mine in Lafayette, CO. Here's the details! https://www.facebook.com/events/366994023374481/

long time

Darren is currently rehearsing for upcoming stateside gigs with drummer Melissa Clegg and bassist Paul Rohman. Yet another rebirth for TMJ!


TMJ has added two new folk to the roster. On drums, Rory Macdonald, also drummer for Windlestray, and on acoustic bass, James Whyte, a great muzo and former chairman of Out of the Bedroom. Still getting our first rehearsal together, but there is much excitement. Looking forward to December gigs.


Ross and I played a very mellow six-song set for Shore Poets last night. First gig since breaking for summer. Felt nice to be back and we debuted a new song. Jennifer Craig joined us on vocals for two songs. TMJ is now keeping ears and eyes open for a drummer and bassist. Ideally the drummer will be someone with their own transport and who can play a trap kit well. We would love to add acoustic bass, too, but garsh you hardly see these anymore. Good to be back!

back in the burgh

A quarter of a year has passed since our last blog post. Darren is heading back to Edinburgh Oct 17th. He and Ross will be doing an all-acoustic set for Shore Poets on Oct 26. Really looking forward to that. And now the search begins for a new drummer and possibly an acoustic bass player, too. We shall see. Looking forward to some class gigs this fall.

Summer Spectacular

Thorn's Musical Journey is taking a summer break since Darren is back in the states for a couple of months. We had an absolutely brilliant last gig on 27th June at The Lot with three outstanding supporting bands: Broken Lights, Many Days Waiting, and Lindsay Sugden & The Storm. It was a superb night and great turnout. On a sad note, it was our last gig with our current djembe-meister, Chris Brown, since he is moving back to Australia in September. We'll miss him! Our album, "Broken Sword," is in the mastering stage and we look forward to an autumn release. Copies of "Rainy Day Demos" are still around and we're all too happy to sell one to you! Thanks for taking an interest in our music. Peace.