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Knights of Mars / Blog

Human Instrumentality

'Human Instrumentality is now available for FREE download at https://knightsofmars.bandcamp.com/ This is the first ever album written by KoM, but the third to be produced/released. A lot of hard work went into making this the best sounding KoM album to date. Enjoy ^.^


KoM's second album 'Stigmata' is available for download. Unfortunately, only the first four tracks are uploaded to Reverbnation. Sorry, I'm not financially able to pay the monthly fees which would allow me to upload any song regardless of size (some of the tracks on Stigmata are kinda long). To download the album for FREE check out the Bandcamp page:


Also, the full album has been uploaded to Youtube (this video is linked to on Reverbnation):


The future of Knights of Mars

From the desk of Sir Phobos:

Dear Knights,

We have to talk. First, and most importantly, thank you all for your continuing support. Martian Law means nothing without all of you fine Knights.

Next, I've been considering the future of Knights of Mars. The music will stay, a full band may one day be formed, live shows may be played, and the first two albums WILL be recorded and produced over time. However, the music may end up on the back-burner for quite a while. I have been toying with the idea of expanding the ideas presented in the music into other forms of media.

So, for the next x amount of time I am going to be turning the concept story/ies of Universal Shattering into a detailed fictional epic with a whole host of characters, plot twists, and all around crazy sci-fi stuff. Ideally, I'd like this to become an RPG (in the vein of Xenogears, etc.), however, it may end up being a long novel.

I'm really excited to start this, and I can promise you now that it's going to be just wonderful. The downside is that it's going to take a very long time to accomplish, and the music side is not going to be the focus anymore. Time and money permitting, the music will still go on.

Please comment with your thoughts.


Sir Phobos

Universal Shattering now available for download

The day has come! Universal Shattering can be yours to download at: http://knightsofmars.bandcamp.com/album/universal-shattering

Name your own price! That's right, it can be yours for free, just type in $0.00 when asked.

The download includes all twelve tracks in a format of your choosing (flac, mp3, and more), and comes with a .pdf of the liner notes.


Current artwork

Just so everyone is aware...

Almost none of the pictures used are original. They were found on Google, and I don't know who the artists are. So...credit to them, I guess.

Getting Started

Just checking out Reverbnation, and laying the framework for the future. Still have a couple of songs to work on, then it'll be time to get a real group together and hopefully start playing some shows.

Stay tuned!

-Sir Phobos