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Linda Riggi / Blog

My Journey March 28 2014

Eleven years ago today I was in a hospital in Dallas, TX having a radical mastectomy. I had stage 3 invasive breast cancer. I was blessed to have family and friends with me that day who stayed with me and prayed for me. Although the following year was full of chemo treatments and radiation... I pulled through what was the most difficult time in my life. It had been touch and go at times and we weren't sure I was going to make it or not. The cancer had spread to lymph nodes and they had to remove them all as well as my chest wall muscle. Over the years the other breast was removed and a back muscle had to be placed on my chest wall where the other one had been removed. Though today is eleven years, it still seems like yesterday. I have a lot of physical issues today that are left over from that experience... ie... thyroid, fibromyalgia, arthritis in certain bones, high blood pressure, and well ... you get the picture... Since then I was blessed with the opportunity to record and release my first solo CD... though my body still has issues, I am extremely grateful to still be here and still have the ability to write and play music. We have seen new grand kids come into our lives since then as well... that always brings joy into your life! Though none of us know how long we have here on earth, the older you get the more precious your time and days become. I want to thank everyone especially my spouse, Judy, who was there for me, beside me, through all of that every step of the way... and to all who was a part of my life at that time and prayed for me... We have had other family members battle cancer since then and thank God, they have come out the other side as well... for those that are still fighting this terrible disease I pray for your perseverance and strength... never give up... Cancer effects the whole family, not just the patient... so I lift up all the care givers as well... God bless you all for taking the time to read this... I don't often write such a long piece on facebook, but I am very thankful to be here to write this today... ♫♪

Keaton Lasley Benefit

Big shout out to the Boozers, the Bats, Frannie, and Marcie, my better half Judy and ALL who came out to support Keaton Lasley and his family today..It was a great time by all... so much generosity filled the room and you could feel the good hearts of everyone... so blessed to be a part of... thank you . God bless you Keaton I believe God's got nothing but healing for you and your family... you are surrounded by love....

Top 10 for the Month

Blues Debut Top 25 chart for February just posted. http://bluesdebut.com/top-25-month/ Thank you Bluesdebut.com for continued support.

CD Born With The Blues

CD is out and doing well... Blues Debut.com is airing it and I am 7th this week in their top 25 Yeah ! You can purchase the CD at CDbaby.com/cd/lindariggi thank you Reverbnation for your support as well.. I am in the top 5 this week ! Wow.... loving life !

Now On Itunes

tune into Blues Debut radio on Itunes ..they are playing my music! So excited about that !

Radio Broadcast !

For those of you who live in or around Charlottesville, VA tune in this Sat. to WNRN "Fresh Roots New Blues" hosted by Mr. Steve Hamilton .... you may just happen to hear a song off my new CD - Born With The Blues.. ! Thank you Steve !

CD is being produced!

CD is finished and off to duplication... yeah! Should be ready before Christmas.... So many thanks to Angie and Pete Thompson for making this all happen for me.... be looking for it on CD baby.... and I will post new music on reverb also... very soon..

CD is mastered !

CD is in the final master stage... still have one more song to record and add to CD before it will be ready for production... wow.. it has been a great journey... So many thanks to Pete and Angie Thompson of Texas Central Productions and to Judy for staying beside me through every step... so much to be grateful for... !

Back in the Studio

Oct 13 2013 Back in the studio re-mixing and recording. Still hoping this project will be done by Christmas.... Can't wait to have it all completed...

Ruff Mix coming along nicely

I am listening to the ruff mix of my first solo CD ..... I can honestly say I a very happy with this project... I have to shout out thanks to the following : Carla Ratliff who also co-wrote Tied Down.... she is a fighter, a survivor, and I am proud to say she is my sister n law.... thank you for your love and support through the years.... Thank you Kelly Love ... who, if it wasn't for you, I would have never met Mr. Pete Thompson and Mrs Angie Thompson who recorded this project with patience and diligence... (Texas Central Productions ) .... thank to all the people that have been supporting me over the years of the making of this CD... Thank you Hank Sinatra who always puts a smile on my face! Hank plays harmonica and sings on Bottle of Brandy..... the CD is on schedule to be released by Christmas time...... Thank you to my number 1 Mrs. Judy Riggi who I love with my heart and soul....And all my thanks to God who I know is taking care of me daily...