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Robert Counts / Blog


Well folks, the recent success we have had in the TopBlip tournament to open for Dave Barnes has automatically qualified us for entry into an even bigger tournament!! The top prize for this tourney is a $10,000 cash prize and the opportunity to play at the largest 4th of July celebration in the country: THE STADIUM OF FIRE in Provo, Utah!!!! There will be 55,000 people in the audience!!!! We will be entered into another bracket, just like for the Dave Barnes tournament. Winning each round in the bracket is assessed the same way as well. It is a three part vote: 1/3 fans, 1/3 top blip executives, 1/3 stadium of fire executives. This tourney will be a little longer than the Dave Barnes tourney, but we definitely want to give it a shot and see what happens!! The tournament starts this Tuesday, May 1st so please, please, please VOTE!! Updates will be coming through my Facebook page starting Friday! Thanks so much!!!

"Ohhhhh....worktapes! Yikes."

I suppose this really isn't a valid "blog" topic, but it is kinda on my mind ...and since MY name is at the top of this page, I feel that the "bloggability" of any topic in question is essentially determined and validated by ME! haha! Anyways, I am still a very new artist in terms of what I've recorded and what I have available for purchase (as some of my fans/followers may have noticed); I apologize for this, but I am working very hard on getting my new stuff professionally recorded! But for now, I am going to post some rough work tapes of some of my older stuff just to have out on this site for anyone who wants to check it out. But don't worry! New/better stuff will be up SOON! Thanks friends!!