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New Shows

We have a few new shows coming up, and some in the planning for the next several months! Up next is the Lava Lounge, where we will open for Derek Woodz Band on Thursday 2/27! Rock Pgh

Angels and Horns

We have recently expanded our lineup to include a full horn section and awesome backing vocals! Instruments include trumpet, tenor sax, trombone, and bari sax. Three super talented female vocalists are adding their parts to produce a SUPER HUGE and wonderful sound!!

Live Videos

Added a few vids from a recent live gig! Special guests Jason/Jake Zang, Dennis Hand, and Dave Walters!!

Album Sessions

Had a great session this wknd at Audible Images. Tracks for 3 more songs just about ready to mix!

New Shows and Songs

Gearing up for some more recording dates and new shows. Next up is the Rex on 8/24.

Radio Promo

Still getting adds by radio stations around the country. Lord, what a marvelous blessing.

Race For Grace

Was a wonderful time this morning at the Race For Grace! The opening ceremonies were very inspiring. Thanks for allowing us to play during the event.

EP is finished!

The EP "Small Stones" is finished, and up on iTunes.

Small Stones EP

The EP is being pressed!

Great Shadow Show!

Really enjoyed the Shadow Lounge gig this evening. Hope everyone who came out had a great time!