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PROGTour Extravaganza SOON !

If you still have no ticket: Think again ..... Do NOT miss the upcoming tour - with some ONCE IN A LIFTIME performances of Flower Kings, Karmakanic, Sound Of Contact - and combinations thereof. Hear classic 70's prog tunes performed in the big finale. Tickets: www.flowerkings.se

European Spring Tour- Tickets now

European Spring Tour- Tickets: www.flowerkings.se TFK team up with Karmakanic & Sound Of Contact

First Dutch date announced for TFK May10th 2014.

http://cultuurpodiumboerderij.nl/en/programme/the-flower-kings/ The Desolation Road Tour with guests Sound of Contact ( feat Simon Collins) All of the above.

FLOWER KINGS headline HRH prog UK.


1stv LIVE shows - Sweden

FLOWER KINGS LIVE 2013 Tickets to :STOCKHOLM DEC 18th : http://vasa.bryggarsalen.se/?p=1701&preview=true - GOTHENBURGH DEC 19th : http://www.ticnet.se/event/the-flower-kings--daniel-gildenlow-biljetter/295999

Watch 1st full new song !!

Watch 1st full new song : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-AGdlyoR5A

Making of new album - Video

Link to Video : http://youtu.be/GKK4pRNanOQ

Prog with the dolphins:



Pre Orders have started The Flower Kings - "Desolation Rose" at: www.flowerkings.se/merchandise.php?location=eur&pay=paypal

Would you buy a record from these guys ? - The answer is ....YES. Delivery to your doorstep by certified flowery runner late October - signed if you are one of the first 200 !!!!!


NEWS : THE FLOWER KINGS – reveal release of new studio album ‘Desolation Rose’ October 28th.

Swedish progressive-rock royalty The Flower Kings have had a busy year since regrouping in 2012 for the ‘Banks Of Eden’ album, and with a new creative vigour the band are following that with the fantastic new album ‘Desolation Rose’ due out on 28th October 2013. The artwork, once again created by Silas Toball, can be viewed above and the band had this to say about the forthcoming release:

"Being somewhat of a political statement, the epic theme of "Desolation Rose" is a logical step in a time where perpetual war, famine, environmental threats, religious conflicts dominate the media and our minds. This is a time to wake up and the music on this album takes you on a journey where you are forced to questions what the mainstream media feed us and to rethink your whole world view on all of the above. This is in many ways a typical Flower Kings album but we have also taken it into another realm where we do take chances and where you may struggle to get into the music - or the lyrics - but trust me when I say that you will be rewarded, as this may be our most involved, important and interesting album ever. "(Roine)

The track-listing for the album is as follows: 1 Tower ONE 13:39 2 Sleeping Bones 04:16 3 Desolation Road 04:00 4 White Tuxedos 06:30 5 The Resurrected Judas 08:24 6 Silent Masses 06:17 7 Last Carnivore 04:22 8 Dark Fascist Skies 06:05 9 Blood Of Eden 03:12 10 Silent Graveyards 02:52

Earlier this year, The Flower Kings embarked on a very special tour alongside Neal Morse & Mike Portnoy to celebrate InsideOutMusic’s 20th Anniversary, playing to sold out crowds across Europe and the US.

Look out for more information and videos in the coming weeks! Pre Sale start soon at The Flower Kings web shop: www.flowerkings.se

For more information visit: www.flowerkings.se http://www.facebook.com/TheFlowerKings http://www.reverbnation.com/theflowerkings http://www.myspace.com/cosmiclodge