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Nicole Bowman / Blog

New Music. New Life.

New music coming very soon! Live your light, live your bliss, love yourself=))))

Inner Circle

Surround yourself with people who love you, appreciate you, and care for you.

As you create music & build your career look to your inner circle; the people who will tell you the truth no matter what & walk in when every one else has walked out.

Look to the people who were with you before you got to the top & cheered you on no matter what.

Win or lose, they'll be there.

Build your inner circle now & surround yourself with those who bring you joy!



Music. Love. Light.

The Deepest Part of Me

So...gearing up to write & create new music.

While doing that my mind is swimming with new ideas.

Lately, I'm obsessed with the fame game. Or rather I'm obsessed with the general population's obsession with fame...I think that made sense?

It's interesting, cause as an artist, I create best when I'm alone & out in nature.

No outside influences, just me.

Funny, because when I'm writing I'm not thinking about being famous, just enjoying the moment.

And I think that's the point...

We live in a world that is singularly focused on the destination, but pays no attention to the steps we took to get there.

Fame appears to be the brass ring that validates or invalidates our existence, but this can't possibly be true.

I started creating music and humming tunes long before I knew what MTV was...

Maybe creating from the deepest part of me, the part that knows I am eternal and multidimensional is enough.

There's something about that part of me that is a mystery, even I haven't figured it out...


I just know that when I tap into that part of me magic happens, doors opens, and I walk right through them.

So to all my fellow artists out there:

Write because you love it. Sing because it gives you life. Play because it feeds your spirit.

You are enough. Brass ring or not.