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Jades Lava Lounge / Blog

Lava Lounge Booking Agency

Are you having a function which you require that special entertainer or band? Why not let us take the frustration out of searching for Entertainment for your special event. With over 25 years in the business we know what your after and can give you a portfolio of different acts, cost and demos. We can even arrange the act for you to be there when they are needed or just let you communicate directly with the artist. For example:- Your having a 21st Birthday Party and require a cover band who plays great party music with some of the latest songs. No worries! Simply give us the details of where your venue is and how long you will require the band and we will send you a list of top cover bands with prices, demos and websites. Also we can advise you of what the band will require to make your party ROCK. Weddings, Parties, Anything Anywhere in Australia Contact us at admin@jadeslavalounge.com with what your looking for and let us take the stress out of finding the right entertainment for you. *Fees Vary On Service Provided Like our FB page https://www.facebook.com/lavaloungeagency

New Financial Year

With the 1st July comes a new Financial year. This means that if your not subscribed to Jades Lava Lounge you will no longer receive all current benefits as well as upcoming offers and promotion activity we offer. So do yourself a favour and subscribe NOW only at jadeslavalounge.com get yourself on the world stage now and let Jades Lava Lounge help you. We are the voice of the Unsigned Artist.

The All New Jades Lava Lounge Coming Soon

Jades Lava Lounge is a world stage for unsigned artists. Get your act seen and heard. What can we do for you? 1 - Exposure on the website with your act featured with a link to your nominated website. 2 - your music and your credits being played on the jades Lava Lounge Website. 3 - A 24/7 video channel to showcase your act with other Unsigned artists around the world. 4 - Lavaloungemixfm.com An online radio station playing your material from Australia with a listening audience around the world. If you would like full benefits a subscription fee of $100 for the first 12 months that's $1.93 per week then $50 annually. To list your act is free but you must subscribe to receive other benefits 1-4. Please also sign up to the mail list. I also work with Universal Composer James Galbraith who is an acclaimed song writer who has written for both film and radio. Get seen by major A&R and agents across the Globe. Get on it. Contact me anytime admin@jadeslavalounge.com Also subscribers will now have the chance to be added onto our own Label. More news on that shortly.

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Mailing List Update

Hi Everyone, I am looking for promo fills for Lavaloungemixfm. What I would like is a recording Mp3 saying for example "Hi This is Steve from the band Missing Jade and your listening to Lava Lounge Mix FM" of cause use your name and band & you may also include any other bit of info you wish, say Hi to me lol Thanks guys and im also looking for videos of you saying " This is ***** from ****** and your watching the home of unsigned artists Jades Lava Lounge" make it fun and include the whole band. It's all promo for you with no outlay. I will be resuming interviews in the near future so if you think I have forgotten NO I haven't and I will be in touch. We have had a very poor response to Matts Fight so I would ask you all to please spread the word and lets help this family. Yes I know the money goes into my paypal account but me being the honest person I am the money will get passed on straight away to the family as I have done so far. Hope you are all well and playing loud! Until next time bye for now. Email me anytime admin@jadeslavalounge.com

Happy New Year

Well friends what a year for Unsigned artists in 2013. We saw Record deals, world tours and even a Number 1 song on CMC.So what will 2014 bring? Well we are all fired up at Jades Lava Lounge and ready to help you get your music heard. jadeslavalounge.com the Only Unsigned Artists Main Stage for the World to See. Get on It.


Head over to lavaloungemixfm.com where you will hear all the hits from now and then plus World Unsigned Monday to Friday with Steve.

World Unsigned Day Sucsess

Hugh Hugecity World Unsigned Day is in the TOP 10 events in Brisbane today!!! See all of the Facebook events happening around you on HUGECITY. Now available in the iPhone App Store! https://www.hugecity.us/events/3590298?ref=fb_wp_45

World Unsigned Day

In this the year of the Unsigned Artist Jades Lava Lounge would also like to make 4th August Unsigned Music day. Here's how it works. There are heaps of unsigned artists on jadeslavalounge.com who offer free downloads, simply create a play list of unsigned artists and turn off your radios where you hear the same top 40 song 15 times a day and give an unsigned band or artist your attention for the day. Who knows you might actually enjoy it. If you find it hard to track down free Mp3s contact me at admin@jadeslavalounge.com and I will pass some on to you.

Lava Lounge FM

Hey all, I am still looking for new music to play on my radio show on Radio Music 4U http://www.radiomusic4u.pt.vu/ Monday To Friday 20:00 Aest please send your Mp3s to admin@jadeslavalounge.com and please get more of your friends to fan this page.