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Sozo Heaven / Blog

May 2014 update

Hi and welcome!, I haven't been on RN for a long time.. that's because I am on FB and twitter everyday [come and say hello!], since my last visit I have released two new albums, the very latest and 6th album went up on the 1st of May 2014, called - The sons of Arcturus, 7 tracks, 80 minutes of original chillout IDM, the demos are going up as I type, and more videos will follow... please check out sozoheaven.net for all music, videos, blogs and news, thanks for your support!, peace! Andrew :)

August 2013 update

Well its been a while!.. where to begin?, the main thing to say is that I don't use RN as much as I used to, I have since started my own website, with all Sozo projects content at http://sozoheaven.net so to keep up to date with all things Sozo, please visit and bookmark. Alternatively stay up to date at http://www.facebook.com/sozoheaven or http://twitter.com/sozoheaven Nice one :) I have also recently released my 5th instrumental album - Dancing in heavens light, you can download it from - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/dancing-in-heavens-light/id656967074 and I am currently producing a whole new load of videos to help support and promote it, so check them out on my YT channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/sozoheaven erm that's about it for now.. busy busy!, thanks for stopping by, please visit any of my pages, comment, rate, subscribe, or just say hi! :)

March 2013

Time for another update my RN friends and fans :) helllooo!, by the way do come and say hello on either my twitter or facebook pages (I'm on there loads), well I'm moving on again with things, nearly finished track 9 for my new album (doesn't have a name yet), hard to describe this track, just an atmospheric uplifting IDM monster! clocking in over 11 mins, I'm working on it right now as I write this blog. I'm also working on my sister project Sozo Heaven Media Music, with a vision to produce many production friendly media albums, I have already released 7 of 8 albums of the first series, many more genres and styles on the way, it's all about content people! ;), well I wish you all a peaceful and productive day and in the words of the late great painter Bob Ross, God bless to all you happy little clouds :), keep on chilling!

February 2013

New month and time for a new blog :), as the snow and rain dry out (at least for the time being) it's a glorious blue sky and the sunshine is coming through my window!

Ok, quick update then, first thanks again to all who support what I do, if you watch the videos at http://www.youtube.com/user/sozoheaven follow the tweets at http://twitter.com/sozoheaven or like the Sozo page at http://www.facebook.com/sozoheaven or you are just browsing through this blog, then that is you, give yourself a pat on the back :)

I am at this time working on my 8th instrumental for the latest album, sounding good!, details can be found on my facebook page, suffice to say it's very influenced by John Barry (Bond composer) and just a hint of Ozric tentacles?.. ;)

I have recently produced another 7 new videos, all uploaded on my YT channel, featuring photography by Javier Pardina, LadyDphotography and Troy 'Lostamerica' Paiva, absolutely stunning photography, well worth checking out!

In addition a new full motion video for Supergalaxy with some awesome shots of the earth in time-lapse from a NASA satellite in jaw dropping 720 HD! (oh, I'm good to you ;) )

Please also check out my Sozo Heaven Media Music page for more media-friendly styles of instrumental http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sozo-Heaven-Media-Music/123915404343956

I've also started a chillout music group on facebook, for all who enjoy chillout/IDM/ambient/dance links are on my Sozo facebook pages, please do join me there and share the music you love.

That's it for now, for latest SH updates please follow the links above, peace! :)

January 2013

Hi all, I hope you had a happy new year! writing this on the 7th, so just happened a week ago.

Well since releasing my songs album for my Sozo L.A. project, it's been played on local radio, good!, and I've produced 10 simple videos for the songs all now up on my youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/sozoheaven so please do check them out, give me some feedback, or come and say hi on either facebook or twitter - http://www.facebook.com/sozoheaven http://www.facebook.com/sozolamusic http://twitter.com/sozoheaven http://twitter.com/sozolivingaudio

Right now I have just about finished the 6th track for my latest album, very influenced by the cocteau twins, and I'm producing some more videos using photography by Javier Pardina, simply jaw-dropping images.. Also I'll be producing something similar with photos from LadyDphotography, I have already used some in two previous video releases. LadyD is run by my good friend Asia, who also produces fantastic model and landscape photography.

By the by, if you are a photographer and would like me to make a music showcase of your photos please let me know, I make and upload the videos for free, it is a joint showcase, you get your photos exhibited, and I get my music promoted. If you are interested please contact me through my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/sozoheaven

Thanks again to everyone for all your support, for everyone who fans me, and writes to me, if you write a personal comment or message to me, I will endevour to reciprocate, and support you in kind.

Wishing you a great start to 2013, watch this space for more Sozo news, videos, demos, and updates!

October 2012

Ok time for another update! Firstly, thanks again to everyone who visits my pages and listens to my music, and fans me/leaves kind comments, I take each individual piece of support very gratefully. If you do write to me personally, leave me a message from you, you are always guaranteed to get a response from me in kind. I honour those who take the time to write to me personally.

Well, I've been a bit more productive recently, I've now released my 4th Sozo Heaven Media Music album, please check out www.reverbnation.com/sozoheavenmediamusic

Called 'Drink refresh' another 9 original tracks of instrumental media app firendly easy listening chillout music, great for TV, film etc, or just listening to on your mp3 player :)

For Sozo Heaven (different project), I'm working on my 5th album, I'm close to completing my 5th track for that, sounding pretty good, quite atmospheric, but with a cool groove.. I'm aiming to make this album much more dance orientated. So far so good!

If you get the time please also do check out my youtube channels www.youtube.com/user/sozoheaven and www.youtube.com/user/phunquay

The Sozo Heaven channel is all my original music videos, and Phunquay is a celebration of music I like, from gig videos to guitar and bass covers.

Thanks for watching, and have a great week!

Peace, Andrew - S.H.

August/September 2012 update

Time for a long over due update!

Ive been working on several projects, most notably Ive finished my songs album for Sozo L.A. - Words of life please check it out www.reverbnation.com/sozola http://soundcloud.com/sozola

I handed a copy of the album to Mark Hill [Artful, Craig David] and Ridney [ministry of sound, hed kandi] and next thing I knew one of the songs [Candle in the shadows] was being played on Southamptons Voice FM 109.3 radio station!

Good stuff!, Ive also been updating my pages for Sozo Heaven, and Sozo Heaven Media Music [more tailored for media apps, TV, Radio, documentaries etc] please check http://soundcloud.com/sozoheavenmediamusic

Now Im updating this page, Ive release two new albums, the first one is up [Out of darkness into light], demos and links are up on this page and also on http://soundcloud.com/sozoheaven and www.facebook.com/sozoheaven

Phew!.. ok please do also follow me on http://twitter.com/sozoheaven and http://twitter.com/sozolivingaudio

All my music is registered with PRS for licensing, so its ready to place in any media app, TV, film, radio etc, any questions please do contact me through this page, or my other pages/social apps.

Thanks for stopping by, and supporting my music!

March 2012 - Ch-ch-ch-changes

Hello all you lovely people!

Ok again thankyou for all your support of my music, if you are reading this blog that means you!, I hope you enjoy my music and videos, there are more to come!

I was signed to Thinkmediamusic as an artist, but my 5 year contract is about to finish at the end of this month, its time to move on, I've learned a lot, and I'm taking a lot of experience with me into my next plan.

I have more music written, tracks produced for new albums, plus I will be recording a few songs I've written, hopefully I will get a couple of talented session musicians on board to help me get some great results.

I am looking around for a new label to sign to, so if you are an A&R person, please do get in contact.

My youtube channels continue to climb, a total of 136, 000 hits for both, please check out Sozo Heaven, and Phunquay on youtube.

Getting to grips with my new studio, which includes a Macbook pro, Logic Studio and Rokit monitors, I'm already blown away by the results, just need to re tweek my engineering skills to adjust to these new elements.

Been working with Herbie Armstrong, guitarist for Van Morrison in th 70's, I've built a profile for him here on RN, I've also been getting to know Mark Hill aka Artful, co-writer of Born to do it by Craig David, will be checking out Mark's live show here in Portsmouth in April! excited!

There is still a lot more to come, watch this space...

Sozo blog now online

The Sozo Heaven blog is now online at http://sozoheavenmusic.blogspot.com feel free to drop in and check it out, looking forward to seeing you there!

June 2010 - Update - Ranked to number 1!

Just logged on and discovered I've made it to the number 1 rank for my genre locally!, thanks so much to everyone here for adding themselves as fans, and for all the plays of my music, I could not do this without you guys!! Thankyou to everyone who has left me numerous thoughtful, supportive and kind compliments and messages on my profile, I know alot of the musicians here appreciate receiving encouragment, so you know what I mean. I am continuing to add tracks to my online store here, but also both my albums are avaliable on itunes, under the artist names 'Sozo' and 'Sozo Heaven' Thanks again for all support and for those who have decided to buy my music, I am trying to do this for a living and I gratefully appreciate any sales. God bless you all. Andrew