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Max Zero book club

Any of you dorks know how to read? I've been perusing classics, because my job involves a lot of downtime, and they're free in the Nook store. Tale of Two Cities was good. It was kind of hard to get a sense of continuity, or to know who the characters were, because I kept reading it in two-page bursts, but there is some really good imagery, like when the people drink spilt wine from the streets, or when the rich guy has four different people to prepare his chocolate, while the rest of the country starves. Moby Dick isn't as dense as people make it out to be so far. Cannibal guy and Ishmael are like best friendships that you see on TV. No one really likes each other that much.


Fig ticklers

Don't you just hate those squeeze manglers?

Are you going wild? Or hog wild?

I'm going hoooooooooooog wild, boy.