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Just when we thought things couldn’t get any better.

We are so honored to be 2013 MAMA nominees in two separate categories. In the hard rock genre we have been nominated for best performer and best song (“Calm Before the Storm”) This is amazing news that we were pleasantly surprised to hear. Thank you to everyone who got us into the finals and please vote for us to win! This has been an amazing year. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than to win a MAMA or two. Thank you to all who came to see us at The Wisco to perform our first live acoustic set. Also thank you to those who listened as it was broadcasted over MAXINK radio. It was great to talk to Jimmy K and the boys again, and to support this local media outlet. Next up for us is a trek up to Antigua, WI this Friday followed by The Rave in Milwaukee for Sevendust, Coal Chamber, and Lacuna Coil this Saturday. If anyone doesn’t have a ticket for this show please contact us soon as we are running out. Shirts, can coozies, EP’s, and stickers will be available at that time.. Should prove to be and amazing night. We hope to share it with all of you. A new song is in the works, which is our heaviest yet. I am so stoked to finish it and share with everyone. The guys have been putting on all the finishing touches to 424 Studios. Soon 424 will be home to not only Ultrea but other supporting bands, ETM Records, and 301 Productions. For more information please visit their corresponding Facebook Pages listed here. Thank you all for your continued support keep it up we can’t do it without you. …For the Storm, it rages on, all around, to break you down. ~Jen

Turning down, so Tune In

In addition to regular practice this week, we got together for a casual acoustic jam to prepare for a feature on MAX INK radio. We will be joining the boys from The Jimmy K Show this Tuesday at 6pm CST to discuss our current endeavors and to broadcast the acoustic version of some of our songs. This will all be taking place live from the Wisco on Willie St. Tune in online and don't miss the radio debut of our newest song. Our next plugged in performance will be at The Rave in Milwaukee with Sevendust, Coal Chamber, and Lacuna Coil we will be opening along with our friends from BREECH and Headstone. If anyone is interested in discounted tickets contact us. We have a few left at $20. Jason and I ventured out this weekend to support some fellow local bands: The Killer Dolphins With Rabies, War of Abaddon, our friends from The Faith Hills Have Eyes, Cleobury. (now called The Circuit Theory) From Iowa the opportunist charged the stage, And from Minnesota, Reaping Asmodeia. If you haven’t heard them yet check them out. Props to Midwest Mix Up for putting together such a great line up. And the Reagent Street Retreat for the Free Hopalicious beer. Were putting the finishing touches on 424 studios, we are eager to get back into recording so that we can put out our new material for your listening pleasure. Stay tuned! ~Jen

Sweaters, leprechauns, and can coozies

I hope everyone survived this St. Patty’s Day weekend. We had a blast up in Appleton Sharing the stage with some great bands at Sweaterfest 2013! That’s right, tacky sweaters invaded The Cold Shot to mingle with the lads and lassies celebrating the most famous of Irish holidays. Headstone got the night rolling with there heavy beats and ear catching lyrics that, I think, would complement those of our buddies from 626. We will be sharing the stage again with them at the upcoming Sevendust show in Milwaukee. The energy only snowballed from there with the addition of Ground Zero Warhead. Props to their Guitarist for rocking a sweater dress, accented by a studded belt. Up next was our hosts Antidote for Sorrow, a fellow female fronted group. Mixing feminine melodies with vicious screams from not only singer and guitarist, but also their drummer. We want to thank them for putting together such an entertaining night. We debuted one of our new songs, still a work in progress in addition to our usual set. Everyone gave us great energy and positive feedback, for which we are always grateful. Also a Big thank you to The Cold Shot bar for accommodating us, and Razor 94.7 for taking some great photos and video. All in all, our first overnight road trip was a success. No tires fell off. No one was seriously injured. We can’t wait to continue spreading the words of hope and perseverance all around the Midwest. Back home 424 studios continues to move along with the addition of carpeting and paint. Next up trim and final touches… and equipment. We are writing new material for our next EP. We will begin recording within the next 6 weeks. In other new T-shirts are on order, and we have added stickers and can coozies to our available merchandise be sure to look for these at our next appearance. As always thank you for your support, we could not do this with out you. “you’ve got to balance your life around your dreams” ~Jen

Happy Birthday Ultrea!

I am pleased to say that Ultrea has officially been around for 1 year! We’ve accomplished so much in this short amount of time. Our EP Always Persevere has sold almost 200 hard copies and is sold on itunes, Google Play, and Amazon.com. We’ve played with some amazing bands such as In This Moment, Two Dollar Grey, CAVO, Another Lost Year and we’re about to play our largest venue to date. Joining our good friends from Breech we will warm up the crowd for SEVENDUST, COAL CHAMBER, and LACUNA COIL at THE RAVE in Milwaukee. Mark your calendars and contact one of us for a reduced rate ticket. I know I speak for all members when I say we’ve worked so hard and have been so blessed with our success. There’s no stopping us now we have never been more motivated to rock the nation. Thank you to everyone who continues to support us, gives us feedback, and vote for us in contests. Speaking of contests we are again in the running for Ernie Ball’s battle of the bands so please head on over there and vote, vote, vote! We can’t do it without you. The Regent Street Retreat was host to a showcase of great local performers over the weekend Anna Wang and the Oh Boys, Adam Domack, Brandi Held, Katie Scullin, and we Ultreans. It was such a great mix of sounds from pop to country, hip hop and rock. Look for us to play with these amazing performers again in the future. Back at 424 studios the writing process for our new EP is taking form. This week we are working on a song about temptation, staying strong, and how you shouldn’t always follow your heart because you have a brain for a reason. We hope to test the waters of this new song out at our next show. Over the weekend a road trip is in order for us. We’re headed up to Appleton to rock an ugly sweater show with Antidote for Sorrow. Those pics will be worth sharing tune into our facebook page to view them. So, I’m curious… does anyone actually read my blogs? Please leave me some comments. Hello, is anybody out there?

Meaghan Henry
Meaghan Henry  (over 1 year ago)

Hello :)

Ultrea  (over 1 year ago)


In Ultrea News

Well it's no secret that we have been working on getting some new merchendise. We currently have our EP Always Persevere available for $5 at our live shows. We are in the process of designing shirts, stickers, and more. Jess and I found another way to earn that tshirt dough. We competed in a local Karaoke Contest at the Sports pub on the East side of Madison. We performed our current show ender "uninvited" which resulted in a 3 way tie. We scrambled together an arangement of "My Immortal" by Evanescence and ended up Tieing (again) for first and added some cold hard cash to the tshirt fund. We had a good time, met some new friends and plan tp go back and win next time!!! Speaking of making new friends, we played with some amazing bands this weekend at the Regent Street Retreat. One Last Run, Autumn Reverie, and from North Carolina, Another Lost Year. We had Lance from BREECH help us out with some video, which I will let speak for it's self coming soon. You can also see photos captured by Eric E Designs and Fans on our FB page!!! This week we will be at the Club Tavern on Thursday night and back to our home away from home the Regent Street Retreat on Saturday for a chill out acoustic show! hope everyone can come hang with us. Even with our hectic show schedule we are still finding time to write new material. Im excited to continue work on a powerful song that goes through the five stages of grief. There is so much death, destruction, corruption, violence, loss, and pain in this world I hope this new song will help those along to a better state of mind and a brighter tomorrow. Keep your chin up, your fists high, and your heart open. ~Jen

Dear Ultrea Diary

This weekend was busy for us. We opened up for Eye Empire with Surrender the Fall and Autumn Reverie. Playing with nationaly touring acts is great exposure and fantastic experience but this particular show left us a little contained to say the least. Due to all of the equiptment each of us was left with 3 square feet of space for which to rock out in. I know I stepped on Jason's foot at least 6 times and got hit with his bass at least twice. It took a little extra concentration not to fall off stage, but I hope we were still able to deliver a solid performence, concidering. It was great hanging out with the fans and the bands after our set. Saturday we returned to the Regent Street Retreat (home away from home it seems) to support Divyded at their CD Release Party. With quadruple the space from the previous night We were able to really explode our energy on stage and dare I say it was our best performence to date. There is nothing like loud music surging through your body, lights tickling your sences, and energy from the crowd to feed off of. We are so blessed to have eachother to share this experience with night after night. We are bandmates yes, and you have heard me refur to us as a family as well. We truly enjoy eachother on and off stage as friends. Every morning I look forward to seeing a new thread on FB on which we talk all day... everyday. There are never less than 800 posts in these threads most of them end with "home safe" and "Nighty night ultreema." Although we do discuss band things, you can only imagine the rediculousness that also pops up. There is everything from Doc Mcstuffins to Photoshoot ideas, derp photos to t-shirt design ideas. It is difficult to separate band life from real life, because this truly is our life. Our music and our message bonds us as brothers and sisters. (big daddy J and momma Jen) hahaha. More importantly it bonds us with you, the fans. Welcome to the Ultrea Family! See you soon. "Listen to me I'm in your heart" ~Jen


Holy Shows Batman!!! If you cant make if to one of our 15 scheduled shows I give up! This Friday we are excited to return to the Regent Street Retreat. This is were we had our very first gig. Live Performence is my favorite part of being in the Ultrea Family. We are truly united when we are on stage. The sound and the lights create an alternate universe. Jess and I will be competing in Karaoke Finals at the Sports Pub on the east side of Madison tomorrow. If we win we will raise some band fundage to bring you some merch. I hope the competition isn't too stiff. On top of all our appearences we have new material in the mix. I'm currently putting lyrics to new ideas. You can expect new inspiring songs inspired by our personal experences with life, death, hope, and fear. One thing's for sure, we will persevere ;{) ~Jen

Practice, Pool Hall, and Photoshoot... OH my

What's a band got to do to find a decent photoshoot venue? These Ultreans ran all over madison this weekend in search of the perfect place. After being shot down at UW Madison Campus Hotspot Memorial Union, we tried the classic Orphium Theatre downtown. Due to that evenings performence of Teegan and Sarah, we were denied again. Determined to not let dissapointment conquer us, Bryan glanced into the window if a nearby bar... "This place looks kinda cool." The Wonderful staff at The Icon welcomed us and gave us free run of the establishment. the redd and black colorscheme fit our theme perfectly. Plus, it added our love for great Wisconsin Beer. (and Greg's love for Rumplemitnz) After successfully capturing our new family at The Icon. We Mosey'ed on over to The Madsion Museum of Contemporary Art for a little different feel for some shots. After being totally distracted by some unusual audio/video trippy art room on an upper level. We were able to get some really cool photos. A huge thank you to Erik of Erik E designs. He has been photographing us over the last few weeks. The results have been EPIC. I Can't wait to share them with you all. As a way to raise some fundage for new merch (coming soon!) New member Jess and I competed in a local Kareokee contest at the Sports Pub on the East side of Madison. We sang our rendition of Uninvited which some of you may have heard us perform at the High Noon Saloon a couple weeks ago. We came in FIRST which gets us into the finals next tuesday! A Sports Pub Girft Card was our prize for winning the qualifying round. Which Jason, Bryan, and Jess put to good use right away. This week were still in hope of getting votes for our song "Hollow Lies" which is up for a MAMA award, and still getting word of our fans writting us in for best local band for Madison Magazine's "Best of Madison." Also Great news Ultrea Hit #1 in Rock charts for madison and #4 overall!!! We could not be more happy. Thank you for keeping our dream fueled with passion and love. I started this blog with three P's and I shall end it with three more. As long as we have PASSION for our music, and we PERSIST in our journey to achive it. We will always PERSEVERE. This is Jen hoping you will follow your dreams as we are. ~Jen


What a rush! I love that High Noon Saloon stage. Better still nobody ended up on the floor during our set this time ha ha. Our new family members seemed to be well recieved thank you for all of your positive feedback, and encouragement. We have been communcating non-stop for the last week in preparation for upcoming events. Reworking our logo, planing merch, trying to find every possible way to keep our dream going. THIS IS OUR DREAM. Making music that matters to spread to the masses. We are pouring our souls into this music to leave somthing behind that future generations can look to for strength. We've never been more focused on our goal. And as always thank your for your unending support. This is our life, this is our journey ~Jen

Sue Lewan
Sue Lewan  (over 1 year ago)

Sorry I missed you guys. Yes, the High Noon Saloon totally rocks! Catch ya next time


We are happy to welcome TWO new members to the ULTREA family. Introducing Bryan on Drums, and Jessica on backing vocals. Bryan comes to us as a friend and co-worker of Jason. He has been playing drums since he was 8. Jess came to 424 studios to explore her voice and found a permanent spot with our crazy bunch. We will be debuting the completed crew this Friday at the High Noon Saloon. Breakfast was served yesterday for the ultrea family. Bacon, bacon flavored pancakes, cheesy hashbrowns, and WHAT more bacon was the menu for these hungrey musicians. Table talk included new logos, Ultrea jackets (available soon), and scheduling an upcoming photoshoot. Stay tuned! Our space at 424 Studios got paint, lights, and a beautiful laminet wood floor last week. Head over to www.facebook.com/ultrea to view photos of progress. I was on FB the other dy and came accross a request from salvetores tomatoe pies in sun prairie. They were asking for votes for the Madison Magazine's "Best of Madison" poll. Well, I love that place so of course I clicked the link to vote. In doing so I came accross a category for best local band. Well I couldn't help myself I wrote in Ultrea and sbmitted. Since then we've gotten a number of our facbook followers to do the same... we probably wont win, but it's always amazing to see the support. Next year we'll see about getting on the ballot. Things are really coming together for an incredible experience. I hope to share it with all of you soon starting with friday, come up and say "hi" ~"we will pick you up when you can go no further" ~Jen