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Andrea Smith Band / Blog

radio play

I want to thank the amazing Yvonne Valnea who has been promoting and tracking my music for the last two months. Thank you Yvonne !! You Rock !


Woo Hoo !! I made it to #1 on the local singer/songwriter chart. Thank you to all my fans and friends.

reaching out

Greetings to my new fans. Thankyou for listening.

band members

It depends on the town, the venue and the occasion. band members have included Phil Albert, Marisha Devoin, Todd Sacerty, Dave Baird, and Terry Strudwick on bass. Guitar players have included Glen Maxwell, Rick Salt, Pat Coleman, Duncan Symonds, Jim Cochran and Jeff Gillespie. Drummers include Dave Bouwman, Phil Schinbein, Paul Nixon, Allan Cameron. For some duo shows I've played with Al Medcalf. I had the pleasure of having Miles Black on keys once. In the studio I've had the pleasure of working with Pat Steward and Todd Sacerty on drums and bass respectively. My albums have featured such artists as Dave Gogo, Pat Coleman, Phil Dwyer, Ken Lister, James Mark, Mile Black, Colin Perry, Tina Jones, Phil Hamlin, James Darling and Rick Salt.


Is what i've been in.... and is the name of my new album. It is available on APRIL 8th on iTunes, eMusic and Spotify.

you can also send me $20 and I'll mail you a hard copy....

it's awesome !!

new album

Hi Everyone.....here comes the sun, summer is on the way and so is my new album.....Thanks for your support and stay tuned for more.


One of my favorite times of the year. The shorter days allows for contemplation and plan making. I love the moist and earthy smell of the leaves as they decompose. The cycle of life and death is obvious and undeniable. It transcends all fears of the future and reminds me to live for each day.