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Jasmine Le'Shea / Blog

Music Temptation

During my prayer yesterday morning I expressed to Christ my desire to honor Him with my music and with my time. I shared that I didn't want one day to go by in which I focued so much on music promotion that I didnt spend time with Him, and time in His word. And what did I do? Sadly, I worked on music promotion (mainly trying to understand ReverbNation and the facebook band page :P) for the majority of the day. Then when I was done I just wanted to 'rest'. How selfish of me. My sinful nature became so concerned with people hearing the music that I didn't take time to spend with the Lord so that He would pour into me giving me greater reason to sing. He is the reason Christians sing and write. Greater than this, in Him we are to live and dhave our being. Our aim is to share the Word of God through song right? Then we must take time to study the Word, to meditate on it, and to pray, amongst other things. We must do this not just so that we can sing and have some rich things to say, but so that we are pursuing Christ and holiness ourselves daily. Only then can then be an aid to others along their journeys of pursuing Christ and holiness. Christ came and was obedient to the will of the Father. This did not mean that He simply abstained from wrong doing, but it also meant that He clinged to what was right, that is to prayer, fasting, service, teaching, etc. We are Christians, a people who believe in and therefore follow Christ. May we honor the Lord by spending quality time with Him, to include immersing ourselves in His word, we will then be filled to pour into others. I'm talking to myself and to you, don't get distracted by the 'subtle' temptations.of music or anything else. It seemed good that I would want to promote what the Lord has given me, but it was not good that it was my priority yesterday. That place should be God's everyday. I thank God for my Godbrother who called me yesterday evening to remind me of a Christian's priority. I pray that our time and ativities reflect that Christ is our priority. Well, that concludes this blog entry... time to worship, pray and study. Toodles :) May God bless you as you live to honor Him, Jasmine Le'Shea.