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The Whiskey Conspiracy / Blog

Love of the day

Love of the day was my first real attempt at songwriting. Always being a shy kid the attention you get from chicks when you are a singer was really new to me. So this song is a really sweet song about one night stands. Like as a musician you travel and you do a lot of "Love on the run" but some chicks are cool and there is that what if factor. Thats what this song is about

Alcoholic the story

I wrote alcoholic years ago in the passenger seat of a car. I was drunk. I had been day drinking with a friend. Thats part of where the song came from. I come from a family of drinkers. We are the "lets get drunk type" but more of a daily ritual type. I realized that its in my blood. After my dad died I learned that my family had owned the first brewery in Alabama, and my dad had been carried out to the family stills in a potato sack as a child. So like I said before its in my blood. Anyway, back to the story of the song, I had been day drinking, and I was pretty buzzed and was on my way home (no I wasn't driving) and there was a song on the radio. As what happens a lot with me one of the backing instruments had a melody I locked onto. When I got home I went inside and grabbed my guitar and just started to play and sing and alcoholic was what came out. I almost didn't keep the song but my roommate at the time asked me what it was and I said I just made it up. She replied with thats an awesome bar song. So here it is.

Idiots and Country Music

Ok, before I start this I want to say I'm a fan of good country music. Music written by good songwriters about life. "I like country music because of the stories" -Ray Charles. I love artists like Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, and Willie Nelson. People like Will Hoge, Shooter Jennings, Jamey Johnson, and bands like The Lone Below and Civil wars are continuing this great country music.

Now most "country music fans" have never heard of those artists, even though Will Hoge had the number 1 country song this year. He released it a few years ago but since Eli Young bought it it became a hit, and now prople don't know the great artist that wrote it.

Which brings me to my point, popular country music fans share the inntelligence of fans of Boy bands, and the likes of Disney pop artists. You country fans will talk about hating Justin Beiber and Britney Spears, but all your country artists are just cowboy hat wearing versions of pop. Seriously, you Luke Bryan loving chicks think that guy ever worked with his hands, no he just wears tight jeans, and cowboy hat, and sings songs about big trucks, boots, and other country buzz words.

I actually worked on a farm, we had a 56 ford tractor. I've picked corn and watermelons. Its reallyhard to respect these phonies. Why do people buy it. I guess its even more of a surprise that there are so many Orlando rednecks that we need clubs like Cowboys, Stagger Inn, and The Barn.

How can such a city have such a population of country people when there are no farms here. Stop buying music from pretty boys who are selling an image that was written by a phony becasue it will sell. Can we please go back to listening to artists that make real music!

Sheets and Blankets

I thought it would be fun to tell the story of the songs that are gonna be on this record so here is the first one. If you are one of those people who doesn't want to know then don't read this, otherwise enjoy.

First of all I'll talk about the recording. Its just a one take live recording from Brett Liebermans house. There are spots that sound rough and maybe one day I'll go do the song all the way, but I wanted to have it and to see what people thought.

Now for he content. This song was written one day while I was at work (when I worked in construction for the fire sprinkler company) One morning leave the home of the person I was dating I said I want you wearing nothing but sheets and blankets when I get home. As soon as I walked out the door I knew that was gonna be a song. Throughout the day i wrote down the lyrics as they came to me. When I got to my house that evening I worked out the chord progression and sang the song through.

Lyrically, I love the song and I was proud of this one. Especially the line "Under the off white sky", I was particularly proud of that line.

Anyway hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think, good and bad

welcome to my blog

This is gonna be the official blog of Bob Green, the singer for the Whiskey Conspiracy. I'm gonna talk alot of music on here, from album reviews(local and national) and artists you should check out. Its gonna be honest, I know that may be bad politics but if I give a good review, its because I actually respect that artist, and there are bands that are big in this town that really shouldn't be, I'll be honest about that. If you have an artists you think people will dig or a record you would like an honest review of send it.

I'll also be talking about funy stories from shows, my favorite places to eat, great drink recipies, and stories of how my songs were written. Hope everyone enjoys.