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2 Racks Contest RIGGED????

Sunday, January 13th Myself and a friend of mine dedcided to take a trip to NE Washington D.C. so that I could be a contestant. The entry free was $350. Paid it. So we get to the club/lounge and it looks like a nice lil turnout. Then the contest starts for 2racks, Lets get it!! Now the judges are scoring the artist on 3 things. Stage Presence, Lyrical Content, and Originally. Ok so im up. The competion jus gone done. Im ready, I grab the mic and do my thing!! Porformance over. They judge home boy first. He get 1/3. Stage presence. Big woop!! Then he comes to me and says: "We gave contestant #2 Originallity, actually we gave contestant #2 both originallity and lyrical content ..... But we're gonna go with the first guy ...." WHHAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!!!

You be the judge ... Check out my track "SLS" on my Reverbnation page.