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As I Said Before / Blog

What's New!

Here's a quick up to date since the last blog!!! Bill (the singer that took over for Paul) decided to bail on one of the biggest shows of our careers with Psychostick in our home town of Jackson, MI which made it to where we pretty much will never play at home again! Since then Bill is gone and we obtained our 2 new vocalists Brad Hayes and Jon Rodriguez! We have let go of all of our old recordings and started creating more. Right now our song "Rise the Fallen" is up and available for download! We will be hitting studio very shortly to finish 2 more songs to complete our 3 song demo!!

New AISB Frontman!

As most of you knew or are about to know, Paul left us during our summer break that we were going to use to write new songs for our awesome fans!! So instead of getting all of our songs done we spent over half of our break looking for a new front man. We went through 2 people before we found Bill Doran. He managed to learn 4 old songs and 2 new songs in a matter of 3 and a half weeks. He is phenomenal and a very great addition the band. He showed everybody what he's made of at his first show and our first show back on Nov. 1st at The Intersection in Grand Rapids, MI and lets just say he blew everybody's mind that night!! Welcome Bill to the As I Said Before family!!

Heading towards the top!!!!

As I Said Before has come along way since we have first started, and now with the help of fans we are going places we have only dreamed about. We just reached the highest point on the Reverbnation Metal charts that we have ever been. As I Said Before is now ranked the 2nd Best Metal Band in the Grand Rapids area, this is a phenomenal accomplishment that the band is baffled buy. We only have one goal in our eyes now and that is to be number one and with the help of all of our incredible fans, i know that its only a matter of time before we top the Grand Rapids metal charts. We thank all of our fans from the bottom of our hearts and say thank you for supporting us, and keep spreading the word to everyone you know to like our pages and subscribe to us because with your help there is nothing that this band will not accomplish!

Help Us Reach the Top

We have progressed so much since the band was officially formed in 2010 and we thank you fans so much it means so much to us! We ask u to keep it up and help us reach the top cuz without you fans we couldn't accomplish anything in this music business thank you so much!

Battle of the Bands

We are currently in a contest for a free music video hosted by Greater Creater Collective and we need ALL your votes. There are a bunch of great bands on the list and AISB is currently running in 3rd. Please keep the votes coming, we appreciate every single one:)