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Greg Highlands and the Blacklist / Blog

Don't Get You...

A live version , it's got something in it. Is folk the new punk, is punk the new folk? I sure hope so...Peace, Greg

Two New Mixes

Hello Everybody, I just posted two new mixes, and I think they came out pretty cool. I think the performances are quite alright, and I hope you enjoy them. Take a listen. Also check out the acoustic versions I have up, along with a couple-a live cuts. Got some shows coming up too, hope to see you there, Peace. Greg

Gotta Get You Rockin'

Another show coming up, May 23rd, 5:30pm, at Quinlan's in Duluth. I hope I see you there. I'm going to be doing some live recording, be a part of show, Peace, Greg

Ginger  (7 months ago)

I've enjoyed your music Greg! I hope to see you at one of your gigs soon! Keep up the great work, you've come along way since you and I talked about it. Good job my friend!

New Songs, and Mixes

Hey there, Blacklist Fans, I have uploaded some new songs in my top five, and remixed some others.Give 'em a listen,Peace, Greg

Great Show

The shoe at R.T. Quinlans went great. Great audience, Great club, rocking' set. Don't miss the next one . I'll be playing there again, on December 6th at 5;30 pm, see you there….

New Tunes

Hey there, I uploaded a bunch of new tunes from the CD's I recorded this winter. Check out the new songs and the new sound. I know you'll like it. Peace, Greg

Desert Town

Here 's a new song, "Desert Town", it's a live version, and I'm hopin' you like it, Peace, Greg

Folk Rockin' Blues

Been switchin things up a bit, heading out, or back in a folksong direction lately, and the song list will show it. two new twelve string numbers up, with an appearence on bass by eduardo altaterra, hope you enjoy, and more to come, peace, greg

Two New Songs

As promised, I have put two new songs up. I certainly hope that you enjoy them. The first tune, "Highway Song", is a high desert country rock number, featuring the "forked tele"(home-made string bending thing). The second is a real folkster, in the tradition of songs for Mr. Guthrie, called "Woody Grab The Door". Keep rockin',and thanks for listening

Greg Highlands Music

Thank you all for listening. Some songs and stuff for sale now, too. Ihave started to include some original oil paintings in the photo section, as it is another passion of mine. I hope you enjoy. I am working on some new mixes, and two new tracks , and look forward to sharing them soon, keep rockin', Greg