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Audio Recording, Inc.

A bulk of my recordings (probably around 80 songs) was done at Audio Recording, Inc. in Seattle, WA. by engineer Kearney Barton. I just heard he passed away 2 months ago and am very saddened by this news. I always considered him not only one of the best engineers I ever had the pleasure of working with, but also a friend. R.I.P. Kearney...


Finding various artists on here that I personally know or have, at least before, performed with in the past. It's great to have a place where all of us can shine on...


The artists on here are just absolutely great. The sounds they're getting on their recordings are much better than demo quality. Mine's more along the lines of old analog tape recording quality. Only recently have I gotten into the digital age. Isn't it a great place to be musically?

A Beginning

I'm not very much into blogging, though I do enjoy writing--at least in the aspect of music, songwriting. The more I get into this, the more I may write.