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The Daughters of Wanda / Blog

Great Gig

would like to thank the creative cork our manager and especially all those who came to hear us play friday. Will be returning soon next month......


The Daughters of Wanda had a memorable gig on memorial weekend! Thank everyone for coming to see the show.

The Daughters of Wanda Premiere @ The Creative Cork May 23rd

We have found an amazing place to play our originals for YOU!!! And our goal is to make sure every visit to the PREMIERE is fun and exciting for you and your family. Come Hear The Daughters of Wanda....

New Ladies in town

We are now in Canon City having fun playing our originals for you! Working on more and more Originals and will have them ready on CD this Summer!!! keep ya posted PeaceBB and Tara

"The Daughters of Wanda"

Hello Fans we have landed in the mountains and will still be making music for YOU! We changed our name outgrowing the seasprites taking land names as "The Daughters of Wanda" our ancestry.... so have fun watching us morph into land beings.......We will be adding more musical links too~ enjoy 2014!!!

Land Hoe

well The SeaSprites have crashed and landed in an amazing mountain setting.........we are going to adapt and learn the ways of the land...write some folk rock/mountain music

Follow the SeaSprites to the Depths~

http://bbsarratt.wix.com/music a dark rock opera "Theres a room for you"

Back in the Deep

The SeaSprites want to tweet with you...look for us soon on tweet! come see the medical darkopera "theres a room for you". http://bbsarratt.wix.com/music

TheSeaSprites views

come leave your comments about cultural,women, political issues.......we strongly support human rights and freedom of speech! So leave a comment , question or blog! We wrote maryjo based on mary jo buttafuoco story. will have the jam up on our page by March.


"MARYJO " come catch a wave with our newly awaited originals......getting them up on reverb and facebook.