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Seanny T / Blog

8INFINITY mixtape release date set!

8INFINITY will be releasing their first mixtape titled 'THE QUALITY IS IN THE LYRICS: VOLUME 1' on August 21st. The First single Draped Up, featuring both Seanny T and RB Tripp is already out, as is the new second single Fly Away featuring Seanny T and Missez. The complete mixtape features, including these artists, J-Pro and NoVaCaNe cHr1S. album will be hype for sure!

More Songs

The rest of the mixtape will be released, at minimum, one week...and at maximum, two weeks. make sure to check back constantly to see if the songs are up or not!

First post

this is my first blog post.....sooooo....yaaaa....cool stuff here lol. first single out: Clubbin' It, its hype give it a listen!