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The Gypsy Bone / Blog

"Little Eyes"

"Little Eyes"

Say farewell say your goodbyes,

To those who loved you If only for a while

Who stood there by you while in disguise

Just one more look Oh Little Eyes

Verse 1

She was only 4 years old my daughter said to me

Just a little baby And old enough to see

You always get so mad, And yell at my mommy

Always yelling at mommy..

Verse 2 Days turn 2 weeks, months into years

Where you been daddy for so so long?

I have no words left testified my tears,

How could I even stay? that's the only thing worse


Say farewell Final goodbye

Those who just loved you, If only for a while,

Is still there by you, While in disguise,

Take one last look, In those Little Eyes

Verse 3

I couldn't stay with you, It wasn't my time,

The effect of the cause, No asking no asking me why,

I did it for the two of you, And your Little Eyes


Say farewell, Final goodbye,

When we were a family , Just for a while,

Live in a tale, Fictional lives,

Forgive me, my children, Forgive me Little Eyes

Forgive me, my babies, Oh Please .....Little Eyes

For me.. Little Eyes

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