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March Update

Hi all,

Just touching base with everyone. gigs coming up in April through May. Montreal date April 19th at Duffy's Bar. Writing is going well and should have a new song ready for the set. Looking into some recording shortly as well and more touring this summer. stayed tuned!


February update

Hey all,

well into the new year and already lots happening. gigs at brass monkey and Obsession Lounge coming in March and April. Last minute opening for Killer Dwarves in January was awesome. Writing new songs and trying them out at rehearsals right now. Looking into some video and recording opportunities as well as some out of town shows...more on that in the spring, but stay tuned as details develop!

2014 update

Hi all,

more gigs on the way this year as well as working on some new songs (one of which is now in the set). Hope to have something out before year's end so looking forward to 2014!


more gigs!

Hey all,

radio interview coming up Oct. 27th plus new gigs in toronto and Ottawa. check out the link for more details!



New guitarist and new gig!

Hi all,

We found our new guitarist. Introducing Kevin Mazurek. Welcome aboard!

We also have a new gig. October 18th at Cafe Dekcuf with Project Mars, Last Bullet and Riding Shotgun. Tickets $15 in advance and available soon. Hope to see you there!



At the end of August, Eric (our Lead Guitarist) decided he could not commit to the band anymore and subsequently he has parted ways with the group. Auditions for bass and Lead Guitar commence tonight!

performance cancellation

To our fans,

Sorry to announce that Scarecrowz will NOT be participating in the Breaking The Silence event, June 27th at the Hard Rock Cafe. The BAND is very disappointed, but would like to thank the organizers for their hard work and opportunity and wish them all the success. We hope that people will continue to support the worthy cause nonetheless.

New Album

Hi all, after much mixing etc the album is finally done and now available. "Uprising" is for sale at $10. It will be on Itunes and amazon shortly. 10 new songs and a redux version of Angry. Asll, well recent toronto show went well! new merch will be coming soon so stay tuned!


hi all,

wow, hadn't realized we haven't done a blog in a really long time. well, for starters...we're recording a new album (almost finished), we have merch for sale (Shirts, magnets and guitar picks!) and we have a couple of shows coming up. more details to follow shortly.


Hi all, Been awhile since i sent out an update. JP is currently performing with another band and is unable to commit to scarecrowz at this time so we are search for a new bassist. On the same note, Alex is again with us no more and has been replaced by Paul Bailey. Auditions are continuing and hope to have another update soon. Keep the faith! Ger, Scarecrowz