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Stay Turned for "Losing My Mind"

Dropping a new track soon! stay tuned! "Losing My Mind" ‪Turnup!

NEW MUSIC "The Turnup Is Real"

im about to drop a brand new track for yall "The Turnup Is Real" Produced by The Passion HiFi by the one and only DILLAH D, this ones a freedownload to so enjoy!! know what im talkin about!? Smoke somthang bitch!!

1000 FANS!! TURNUP!!!

Turnup! just hit 1000 fans a couple days ago here on reverbnation! BIG S/O to each and every fan,listeners,and followers out there for coming through stopping by my page and bangin my music, highly appreciated errbody #believedat New music is always in the works, releasing new material track after track until i drop, it wont stop! #Turnnburn #doyourthang #makemusic #dillahd #1000fans


About to release these 2 brand new tracks!! "Beautiful Day" and "Perfect Picture" Make sure you check out these fresh brand new tracks out recorded today at AbornAblaze's Place thanks for the recording time mane putting in work #brandroyalty #turntup #killingbeats #believedat #dillahd #theoneandonly #Beautifulday #Perfectpicture BE ON THE LOOK FOR THESE NEW TRACKS!!


BCTrees By Dillah D: http://t.co/xOyEhVMDR1 via @youtube On #Itunes - https://t.co/i7mTDp0C7g #RT #share #copdattrack #BCTrees #SuperInk


Whats good Reverbers i got 2 brand new tracks for errbody to check out,these 2 joints are called "Heart of a Hustler" produced by Class-Act and "Smoking Marathon" produced by Kleutrite and Class-Act, Both of these tracks are set up with music for good,which means half of the profits from the song goes to charity!! S/o to errbody and all my fans for rockin with me and my music,i appreciate it ya'll ,new music is always in the works believedat, make sure you get those singles on Itunes " BCTrees" and Trippy Bars" if you haven't already



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https://soundcloud.com/dylan-kyle-ranogajec #trippyteam #heartofahustler #smokingmarathon

Riding Around Town now available for purchase!!

Riding Around Town by Dillah D (Produced by Class Act) is now available for purchase on Reverbnation!!! only $1.29!! plus every track that sells, $0.56 goes to CARE a charity that fights poverty worldwide! Believedat! get your copy today on https://www.reverbnation.com/dillahd More music in the works,more of my music will be on Itunes soon! check out "Riding Around Town" like and share!

Trippy Bars is now available on ITunes!

Check out my single released today on lTunes - Trippy Bars - by Dillah D produced by @djbchill https://t.co/cwyjIeeJN9 the preview for the track on itunes does not work for some reason but you can listen to it here https://www.reverbnation.com/dillahd and then get yourself a copy on ITunes! im droping another banger tonight on reverbnation called " Riding Around Town" produced by Class Act,fuck with me, im making music,chasing my dreams and working hard for my cash,shout out to everybody and my fans on reverbnation,facebook,my family my homies, all the ladies out there,and everyone else that has been listening,liking,sharing and following my music that ive been making for the last year and a bit,Lots of more music to come! Believe that! follow me on twitter @Ranogajec_dylan and on Instagram @Dillah_D here is the link to my track on ITunes below!


"Trippy Bars" now available for purchase

My track "Trippy Bars" produced by DJBchill is now available for purchase on www.vibenation.net/DillahD Check out "Trippy Bars" by Dillah D and get your copy today! only $0.99!

Moving all my free music to my soundcloud page!

shout out to all my fans, subscribers, followers,and artists , producers thats been rockin with my music.thanks errbody for the support! I am move all my free music "Free Downloads" to my soundcloud page just to let everbody know! here the link below!


all my free music is there for downloading

New Music coming soon! i got a bunch of bangers from one of my producers Class Act be on the look for that new music!! #turnitup #trippyteam #making music