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Matt Danger G / Blog

Most Poop

I was in the middle of promoting my new album, and life took a turn for the shitter, soooo I just want to apologize for my lack of performances! But I assure ya as soon as it is possible, I will be out playing for your viewing (or booing) pleasures! See you guys soon! You can buy enceladus on itunes! search Matthew Danger Enceladus and it'll show right up:)

More poop.

Just an update! Life hates me right now, so recording is very difficult due to time constraints. Luckily, I have so few fans that I'm REALLY only writing this to make myself feel better :D haha. I'm kidding. To those of you who care, YES two songs will be done soon! And my new album will hopefully be complete by Summer 2014. That's IF I'm not stuck by intense inspiration, and feel the need to record 18 more songs. Also, Poop. Thanks for listening and being so god damn fucking handsome. Shit, you fucking handsome mother fucker. Look at your face. I just wanna put it above my headboard so that every morning I wake up and see your god damn handsome face. I wanna tear it off and slide it over my face, so I can wear it as a face mask....Is that weird? Nah, that's completely normal...right? Right.


Poop. Yep. Poop. :)