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JMOYA / Blog


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Dear friends and visitors, it was a busy year indeed. For those who know me a bit better, priority was to complete my main page as priorities will change on 2015. Four new tracks on 2014, two of them with the collaboration of fantastic musicians like MONTY JOHNSON, FERNANDO GARCÍN & HILRANT, which have find a great fanship on our sites and pleased your ears. It was an honour to have worked with all of them, you are all great artists and wonderful friends. So grateful about your visits, comments, likes and supports. This is the biggest reward for a musician. Thank you so much. What will 2015 bring? Surprises, challenges, good and hopefully fantastic moments, inspiration and courage. Wishing you from all of my heart a wonderful start into the new year, full of health, peace, harmony, respect, love and lots of inspiration. FELIZ AÑO NUEVO Love always José


It started with a promise to my collaborator and friend, Monty Johnson, while working on “Somewhere”. This guy has an enormous talent and feeling on the lead guitar, not only proofed by the songs on this page. Monty’s play on the instrumental version was outstanding, otherworldly…throughout the entire song. Although it broke my heart, I had to cut and rearrange it to fit to Hilrant’s amazing lyrics and vocals. The day we decided together the final version of “Somewhere”, I made Monty the promise to compose a song around the riffs and guitar licks I had to cut off……:-) On “PreludiuM” you'll find a combination of electronic and acoustic instruments and sounds, together with the mostly unreleased lead guitar of Monty Johnson for "Somewhere". As well other elements and chords on “PreludiuM” will sound familiar to those who had a closer listen to my work and like the different genres on my page. The idea to use this song now as an intro track was very clear, as I keep most of my “jams” and song ideas for later use…or not….and this is a mix of some of these ideas. Well, this last track is a kept promise and at the same time a cycle end, which nearly started the same way about three years ago… A special and big THANK YOU to you Monty, for your amazing musician- and friendship. So grateful about all your support, comments, visits, likes and friendships, hope you will like the song and wishing you nothing but the best for your personal and musical future on Rnation and beyond Love always José


Hello there, we are one step closer to the end of this year, so I don't want to miss the time and opportunity to thank you from heart for all your support, visits, likes and over more, your friendship. I wish you all some wonderful X-mas days. May the next year bring you closer to your dreams? After more than 2 years on this page, which with all its faults and problems remains one of the best for indie music, I feel honoured to have known and listened to great talented musicians, To have worked with you was a great challenge and pleasure. Thanks to your constant support, musician- and friendship, I think this site, as well my other projects, have nearly achieved their purpose. To compose music to entertain, like and share.. We all have our normal life, priorities, and for nobody of us it's easy to find the time for our common passion, music. Being often on business trips, far away from home and family, make change your life and priorities.... So with regard to this site and its future, since a year there is a collaboration on work with a wonderful singer. A melancholic Ballad called "Desire". From my side I wave goodbye with an intro track, a jam with project title "PreludiuM", which will be ready soon. Meanwhile I leave you with Peace, Love, Unity and Respect José


This is a very personal song and lyrics, due to my very personal situation with regard to business, family life and music. It is very complicated to find the right time for each thing, although priorities should be job and family.... . Time is running so fast and until we have noticed it, the years have fly and passed by...especially when you have children you notice this. . So this song is my way to tell my daughter, teach her and do my best to make her a responsible and intelligent adult.....difficult mission.... . Thank you so much for your visits, listens and likes, which mean really a lot to me.


Thank you very much for the great response on SOMEWHERE, we are pleased about the comments on Hilrant’s and on my site.

As some people have asked about how this project and song came to life...

It starts always with a simple idea...

Jamming with my Ovation a few simple chords, added some Bass, Drums, Piano and strings (NI). Just a rough version of the track.

Monty Johnson is not only an outstanding lead guitar player and collaborator, so I sent him the idea and he accepted to play.

Being a great fan of Hilrant, his work and particular excite voice, Hilrant and me have been in contact before and talked about a collaboration. So I asked if he liked the idea and he was happy to sing and write as well the lyrics.

Monty’s awesome play on one site and Hilrant’s voice, phrasing and lyrics on the other...so finally I worked out 5 different versions....two great artists, a real challenge...

Facing some technical problems, we agree to work on version 4, which finally was slightly modified and became...SOMEWHERE.

Grateful about Monty’s wonderful play, shorten for song reasons (it still hurts my heart), Hilrants outstanding voice and these deep lyrics, they have inspired my work.

As I said before...two great artists.

Should the song sounds different from one to the other site, my version of SOMEWERE has a different Equalizer setup...this Rnation player is driving me crazy...

Thank you for your interest, plays, likes and comments on all sites.

Have a good time



This Rock song count on the collaboration with one of the most excited voices on Rnation, Hilrant, and the lead guitar of "Magic hand" Monty Johnson. Hilrant, apart of delivering an awesome vocal part, wrote as well the fantastic lyrics. Monty showed again his amazing feeling on the guitar and so the song began to grow adapting his final version which we have the pleasure to present to you. We have put all our heart, soul and feeling on this song which we hope you will like. Thank you for your comments and likes on behalf of us all.


Fernando Garcin is one of the most outstanding voices for me on Rnation. His peculiar style reminds often on LEONARD COHEN. When he accepted to join this project I was very happy as together with one of my favorite guitar player, Monty Johnson, I was sure to create a very special mood on the song. Hope you like it.


This WORLD-DANCE fusion track was originally composed and recorded on 2007 but now I found the time to remix the track. Hope you like it. Thanks for your listens and comments. Always love José


Wish you all a happy new year 2014

The last year has been very excited and I am happy to have found new friends and partners on Rnation. On the other side my job got me more and more envolved. So my business trips around the globe and my family have catched my full attention as music is a passion but not my profession :-)


Apart of having composed two new tracks and arrangement like I WILL and GOOD VIBES, I passed along the last 10 years and found a lot of tracks I loved and decided to share with you. So SLIP AWAY (2002) and FUSION (2004) have enrich my song list on my main page. At same time I have added to my SOUNDCLOUD and MYSPACE page as well some older tracks.

On the other side I have created on 2013 two new projects on RNATION as tons of unreleased material invited to share as well different songs and genres with you. And your interest, fanship and comments on these sites have shown that I was right.


There are always projects you start but due to circumstances they are postponed or finally are cancelled.

For sure are the instrumental version and new guitar play of CISNE NEGRO and my friend and fantastic guitar player Arjyo Bala


If you don't know him I suggest to visit his site and have a listen to this incredible guy.

As well this new year I have the honor to count again on the contribution of another amazing gyitar player and good friend, Monty Johnson.


Together we will have some projects this year and a new track is right now on work. This new track will include a surprise male singer from Spain which I personally admire a lot......more info will come soon, you never know who this will go on :-)

Still on work is a DANCE track with a female singer I invited for a collab and I hope this year we will have the pleasure to present you our work.

On my list of wishes are projects with some great female singers I discovered this year and to explore new genres...but this is still only in my heart and head....

Hope you will like and love the works and that these will be of your pleasure.

Thank you for let me be part of your musical life and your interest on collabs. Please feel free to contact me if you wish and would like to work on a song, I'm always down for a collaboration and new experience.

Have a wonderful creative new year 2014.

Always love