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JMOYA / Blog


Based on my passion for Café del Mar and remember good old times near Amsterdam sitting with a cool drink at the beach, I tried to catch all these good vibrations and feelings on this song. Hope you like it and can really chill out and catch the summer with this song.


This Rock song goes over a relationship between a women who is fighting for the relationship and the man who knows that he loves the woman but is fighting against his own odds and "ghosts", unable to express his feelings. Lyrics are available on German and English. Really would appreciate your comments on the song and the theme itself. Thanks for your interest and support. Have a great time.


This "summertime" Spanish Pop Song have been recorded some years ago and now new mixed. Lyrics are available on Spanish and English. Hope you enjoy it and your comments are highly appreciated. Hasta pronto, José


Hello and welcome to my site. Many of you liked the song SILENTIUM and finally I found some time to make a Video Arrangement for this song. I hope you like and enjoy it. Your comments are as always highly appreciated. Thank you and hasta pronto, José


Having known Arjyo Bala on Rnation and met him in person at Calcutta, we started the first steps of this project. I really recommend all guitar lovers and players to visit his site. This guy is just fantastic.


Writing on some lyrics, the track will be named CISNE NEGRO which means BLACK SWAN.

For those who don't speak Spanish there will be a translation in English on LYRICS.

We hope you enjoy our work.


I think the title and lyrics speak for themselves. This project started at the same time as the song and video DON'T BELIEVE, means 2 years ago. Some problems have changed and today we're living not better. From deep of my heart I hope that this song will hold you on for a while and think about our actual situation. The voices at the end of the track are taken from a demonstration in Spain shouting: SI SE PUEDE, YES WE CAN. Currently the government has to leave some of their laws and decisions, pressed by the people. Only together we have the power to make this world a better place.


This song was a real challenge...Dan from PRDVOCALS http://www.reverbnation.com/prdvocals invited me to a collab. Sending me and based on his orchestral sounds, we worked out together some ideas and agreed to invite Monty Johnson http://www.reverbnation.com/montyjohnson

to join us. The title of the track invited as well to write some lyrics. Both guys collaborated with their opinion and suggestions which finally lead to this song. We hope you like it and really feel you have been in CUBA... As well I take the opportunity to thank Dan for the fantastic idea and Monty for his contribution. This is Dan's project as he initiated this "jam"...



These two guys are really incredible. Using homemade analog synths, sampling, and some old keyboards found in a dumpster they create absolute fantastic sounds and rhythms. When they invited me to work on their song MULLIGAN REMIX I don't hesitated one moment and sent them a few days later my first ideas. This is my idea..so far. Electronic sounds with Pop-Rock elements. ZONK are working on a mix which I'm desperately waiting for. For everybody who loves electronic music it's a must to visit and listen to ZONK. Thank you guys for giving me this opportunity, I really enjoyed playing with your sounds and look forward to collaborate with you on some more projects.

MAMA CHILL....on air in the U.K.

http://www.vibe1076.co.uk/audio/podcasts//20120902rawvibes.mp3 . . MAMA CHILL was invited into the Vibe107.6 radio station on 2nd september to speak about the illness M.E. and played three trax off her last album and new E.P, she asked to add GIVE U. You can hear the interview with the song by clicking the link.

She has also her trax on a BBC website, where presenters can listen to them and play them if they like something &/or invite you into the studio to have your music played and have an interview.

So MAMA CHILL has visited as well on October the BBC three counties studio. I'm really happy for her, give her and all other people who are suffering M.E. my support. MAMA you are a really an amazing artist and wonderful person. I really recommend you to visit her page to listen her message which is her music.


There are a lot of Hip Hop musicians on Reverb. One really amazing voice comes from the U.K., MAMA CHILL


This rapper & singer has an amazing voice, unique among other artists of this genre. I highly recommend to visit her page. MAMA CHILL agreed on a common project and I feel proud and honored to have worked with this fantastic artist and person. Thank you very much MAMA for giving me the chance to make this project come to life and for your friendship which means a lot to me.

limey59  (over 2 years ago)

As I told Stacy, it sounds you two have worked together for years! Well written, well produced track.
Continued success.