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Patrick Brian Murray / Blog

Video Blog Ep 1 "Davy Boy"

Here she be, my first ever music blog titled "Davy Boy" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FylvbRbHVFY 1st Ever Video blog Highlights 15 Sept Radio Appearance on Cal's Closet, radio program on CFTA 107.9 FM in Amherst NS. **Air Date TBD** https://www.facebook.com/calscloset107.9/info 27 Sept Future Inns Moncton NB 1st Annual Couponers convention http://www.couponersconvention.com/ Song Davy Boy min 3:00

New song Karma and video blogging

New song below. In the next month I'll be purchasing a video camera and start doing video blogs as well as recording my songs in HD. Please join the fan list for the latest news as well as deals coming up. Its also a way to ask me personal questions that only fans have the oppurtunity to do. www.reverbnation.com/patrickbrianmurray Also the song Canada is still available free to download. That's all for now Paddy Karma by Patrick Murray Copywrite Sept 06 2014 Let me tell you about a friend, He’s Mr IOU Better be good to others For this I know to be true If your hiding in the shadows Trying to avoid your past It don’t matter where you run too This feeling will never pass Chorus Cuase Karma’s gonna get you x 2 2 Bar Break When you’re sleeping with the devil Living life so large You better be careful brother And remember whose in charge He comes when you least expect it He don’t need to play fair Better get your house in order Cause in flash hes there Chorus Cuase Karma’s gonna get you x 3

New Song, Mark 16 August on your calendar

Singing this at Riverfest be a shame if you don't see it live :) Music in my Soul G C If you want my money I have none D G But I give you the moon, stars and sun G C I’ll I have is this guitar and dreams of going far D G I got music in my soul for everyone G C I’ve got music oh sweet music D G I got music in my soul for having fun G C From Beatles, to Jagger, we pitch and swagger D I’ve got music in my soul for having fun Well my friends they think I’m a lil crazy Going to and fro with my band Whether its quarter past three or midnight to me I’ve got music in my soul for this land Well I once had a job with lots of money And my boss was really quite a jerk Well I gave it all up and told him shut up I got music in my soul for my work

Highway to Songwriting

Highway to song writing

It’s the strangest thing, when I am on the highway I always get inspired to write music. The last few weeks I have been fortunately unfortunate to go back to New Brunswick and visit my Aunt who was sick in Hospital despite a busy work schedule. Sadly she died this week and it has been hard. You see my Aunt loved us like our own children and used to jokingly call me her boyfriend. I was like the son they never had.

A few times in your life you get to do things and remember some things that touch you. One of the most beautiful things was to be able to play for her a mini concert while she was sick in hospital. At that time she was going through Chemo but it was violently reacting with her epilepsy. It meant so much to sing for her and to make her happy. She was conscious the whole time. I’m so glad I was able to tell her that I loved her before she passed.

Another nice moment was when we were at sea. I was playing some new and old songs in a compartment and often I don’t pay attention to who is listening. During a lull when I was working on a song someone came up to me and said that was the most relaxed they had been that trip and that they loved what I was playing. They were shocked to find out it was my own stuff. That happens to me a lot and it makes me keep doing what I love to do which is write songs and sing.

The last six months have been challenging and difficult for me but I would like to believe God has a plan for me. I’m gonna scale back and change a lot of things and work on an end game for my current job and try to perform more. I want to start working on my Sociology degree but continue to write and perform. Hopefully in August/Sept I will start doing shows and gods willing have enough money to work and finish my 2nd CD. “ Home Away From Home”. Thanks for tuning into me or becoming a fan. All my love


24 Mar 2014 Hawaii Song and stuff

Hey Guys, entered this contest called Searchlight in Canada, I know you listen to my music for free and I'd really appreciate your vote. The song is the Hawaii song. Here's some info on it and some secrets about me and my songwriting

1) Who are you?

My name is Patrick Murray, I've been in government for 20 years. In 2007 I was going through a lot of physical and personal challenges in my personnel and professional life when my songwriting exploded. Music was a great relief valve. I quickly wrote about 20 songs in a short period of time that many people commented were really good. Then I decided to make an EP album "Losing Sight of Shore" that was reviewed by the Chronicle Herald and also got to perform on CTV Morning Live with Patrick Murray & The Contenders. There is also just something about the Murray name too, a lot of great musicians come from our family even though I am related to Murray's from NB

2) What inspired the song you submitted to Searchlight?

The song was inspired by a trip to Hawaii for work. I loved the island so much I felt inspired to write an upbeat song about it. While I was there I had the honor to speak with Marines who were veterans of the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. We broke bread and drank beer together. They were true hero's and I was in awe with the sacrifices they made both in there personal and professional lives. They told me some stories that make me weep to this day. I also wrote the song with Jet Engines roaring in the back ground because I was 500ft or so from an air strip.

3) Please send the song lyrics.

Hawaii song

Verse 1

I’m sitting down here on a beach in Hawaii Watching the waves swing by how are you Having some fun in the sun with a cold one And peace is on my mind

All the Island girls with the pretty faces All the right shapes in all the right places tease all the boys making funny faces And laughter's on their mind


If its true love, tell me that you want me Give me a sign or forever haunt me Give me your heart Underneath the swaying palm tree nights For I’m going away, Leaving tomorrow Don’t have much time Or plan to even follow Give me your heart Underneath the Tiki Lights

Verse 2

Take a day trip go on up to the north shore Weaving back and forth in a boat close to the shore We stop for ice and a slice who could ask for more, Peace is on my mind

Snorkeling from a boat in the coral fringes, Swimming back and forth with the rainbow fishes A Turtle missed my head just by a couple inches, And laughter's on my mind


Verse 3 Sipping Mai tai’s down at Lu Lu’s In the dance lanes going like a chu chu All the island girls doing the hulu And laughter on our minds

Now, I’m sitting at the beech ain't got no money I don’t have a care because I got my honey She turns a few heads; she finds my jokes are funny,And laughter on my mind

4) Did you participate in Searchlight last year?

Yes I did, I entered Rambler into the mix last year

5) How did you hear about Searchlight?

I think I heard about it online and I friend of mine who loved my music told me I should enter into it, so I did. I'm glad I listened to him

6) Do you have any local shows coming up?

Waiting to hear back about Stanfest and Riverfest this year. I recently have gone through some personal struggles so I've been a little distracted to do shows. Although I continue to write.

7) How do you pronounce your name? If the pronunciation of your name isn't obvious, please clarify how it should be pronounced (a mispronounced name on radio is the equivalent to a typo in print!). It would be great if you could write it out phonetically and let us know what it rhymes with. Patrick Brian MurrayListen to

Hawaii Demo http://r3.ca/5NMt via @cbcmusic

07 Sep 13 Update

It’s been a busy few months, had great shows in Key West at Finnegan’s Wake and in Caracao at Grand Café De Heeren and looking forward to some more shows in Freeport Bahama’s. We are in long stretch before I get home. I have met some great new people and fans along the way and even managed to sell some CD’s. I also finally have enough new material for another EP. I don’t have a title for it but it will feature some songs that I think are even better than “Losing Sight of Shore”.

1. Home Away From Home 2. Hawaii Song 3. Rehtaeh 4. Rolling Fields 5. Friends 6. Journey

I continue to write songs on the road and have been teaming up with Tyler Ternent on Bagpipes for some shows down here. Just a few more weeks then back to good ole Halifax. There will be a few shows in Oct with full band and then back down to States for some shows in Jacksonville Florida. I also hope to lay down some new tracks for the next album while I’m home in Oct. I guess that is it for now. In the New Year it looks like there will be some more dates in Maritimes and in Boston and finish off the new album.


02 June, little bit of down time

Hey There from Halifax NS

Its been an amazing few days. From the interview on "The Most Maple Morning" on CKDU with Glen Canning, Rehtaeh Parsons daugther https://soundcloud.com/patrick-murray-19/the-most-maple-morning to a Rally the next day and a suicide prevention CD release http://www.compassionaction.ca/LifeSupport.html its been a wonderful few days

Firstly thank you so much for enjoying the tunes, please share with friends and family and like us on our Facebook page. In Canada you can apply for government money to produce recordings and some of the programs are based on number fans and likes. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Patrick-Brian-Murray/105111125312

Some other pages worth checking out is our YouTube Channel. Some of the songs are rudimentary but I promise as we get more gig money we will be buying a proper video camera http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sb-2QKI8sKs

If you like are stuff and wish to purchase a CD or song that would be awesome! We love music but this is our profession and we can't produce more of it without fans or people wanting to buy our stuff. For a full Hard copy CD you can go here; http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/patrickmurray1

for individual songs here https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/losing-sight-of-shore-ep/id630955896

I will be doing some dates in NFLD this June and some down in Miami in July. If your in these areas would love to see you.




Well another busy week, we will have a spin on R104 with Tom Bedell this week for our upcoming show Sat 11 May 9pm Patrick Murray & The Contenders @ Wellington-Fletchers Lake Fire Hall near Fall River. Were working on getting a video crew their to film our live performance.

Flyers are up and a piece will be running in the Laker thanks to Pat Healey. Thanks Pat!

There are solo shows upcoming shows at Trellis Cafe on Fri 17 May 7:30pm https://www.facebook.com/events/159951037497732/

& short set at Cafe Brea Tues 28 May 6:30pm https://www.facebook.com/events/425483404210503/

I'm really hoping and praying we get into the Cavendish Beech Festival. I know were new but we are the little train that can!

We also will be on some internet radio stations this Thurs at 5pm on The Third Class Ticket www.facebook.com/thethirdclassticket The Show airs every Thursday from 9pm GMT on that's 5pm Atlantic! Tune into http://www.mesiradio.com/

I will admit the turnout in Saint John release party was a bit disappointing but the new fans made up for it! Thanks to O'learys, Telegraph Journal and CBC info morning SJ for supporting this brain child of mine.

I guess that it for I will be announcing some shows for first few weeks of June then its off to NFLD, Florida and Venezuela for me for Rest of the Summer but should be back in Sept

25 Apr Busy Week

Well the CD release at O'leary's Acoustic room is almost upon us. It's been a busy week to say least. We got a spot on CBC radio information morning in SJ as well as a great article in the Telegraph Journal. I've been running online campaigns including an online show campaign which starts tomorrow.

I put up some posters up around town. I really hope it translates into a packed house. I know in time we will do that but its hard when your a newbie in music biz even if your music is good.

Behind the scenes this week, I threw out my back, it was a rough couple of days at first but its feeling much better today but still sore.

I got to relax after I practiced tonight for first time in a while. Note to self take care of yourself and breathe.

I'm really looking forward to relaxing after the show tomorrow and to see my grandma at Loch Lommand Villa Saturday. I'd love to have some drinks at an after party. Strangely that reminds me of Prom night almost 20 years ago and how much fun I had. I just about saw and hung out with every friend I had in high school. We were all over the place and saw so many people. I still remember it as a magical night much like my brother Eric's wedding. Sometimes its sad that I had moved away and lost touch with so many good people but as they say that is life, I hope to reconnect with some and maybe make some new friends and some new fans.

Its really nice to be in SJ, the fog is comforting to me because it reminds me of home. Maybe that's why I like the raining days so much.

I felt bad for some of the homeless people I came across today. I've never seen so many homeless in SJ in my life. Since the shipyard closed down you can really see the effect around town even though it happened around 10 years ago. Sure some people are prospering but more seem to be down on their luck.

Well its time to turn in SJ and internet land, I hope you had a good day and hope to see you at the show. When I figure out my smartphone I'll send pictures and stuff when I'm on the road, right now my phone makes me feel stupid so I'm calling it the stupidphone.

Anyways good night and God Bless,


Update and stuff 09 Apr

Well the CD release show was a huge success. It was fun marketing the band and the release but also a lot of work. We were on CTV Morning Live and did two numbers one of which aired "Hey Baby". I think the camera crew was infatuated with my bass player Agnes Laan because they sure locked onto her for awhile lol. I think it was just the nature of where they cut it in but it was funny. The album was also featured in Chronicle Herald by Stephen Cooke. I've been so blessed with the people that believe in this record and the music we play live. I always felt it was of great quality just needed to get it out there.

We've also been fortunate to get Airplay on CBC Weekend mornings with Stan Carew, R104 with Tom Bedell and Neil Spence on Live 105 Underground. There are two really cool events that happened this past week. Gilles Couture an old boss of mine emailed me out of the blue. We haven't really spoken since he moved back to Greenwood NS. He said that he saw the bands add in the Coast for your CD release @ Rockbottom and he wished he had known earlier. He was so excited which made me excited.

What was also awesome was meeting Courtney and Adam two of Cody's friend. They absolutely loved us at the Rockbottom and we loved them back and dedicated "I try" to them during our second set.

I think Cody takes the crowd honor of the night man were there ever alot of ppl from Sackville. You guys rocked!

Thanks to all family, friends and new fans who came out to support us we really appreciate it and look forward to seeing you on the 26th Apr in Saint John @ Oleary's Acoustic room 9:30pm and on the 11 May @ Wellington-Fletchers Lake Fire Hall @9pm