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Ask An Adult / Blog

Midwest tour '13

Ask An Adult is booking a short tour around Kansas, Missouri, and wherever else that can get booked before June. As emails have been sent out since before January to book in June, we only have 3 dates booked but every day brings us closer to more venues in more cities...through emails that is.

Hope we meet lots of new people on this journey, here goes nothing!

Album released 1/18/13!!!

Hey there, we just received our copies of the album in the mail yesterday...which means that we finally have a CD available for YOU! 13 tracks: 11 songs, 2 interludes...enough to satisfy you till we get another fresh batch of songs for you. Maybe we've already started? Hmmm....

The cost for our self titled album is $4.00 a copy, but shipping depends on where in the world you are. You can see an Ask An Adult show and we will have copies for $6.00 or visit this website to order a copy delivered to your address here: http://kunaki.com/sales.asp?PID=PX00ZUVPCD

Enjoy and see you soon!



We are just about done with the post production on our first self-produced album! We have no name for it at the moment but that will change with due time. Landon Merrill is doing our album artwork with help from the band for creative direction and stuff. In other news we have 2 shows lined up in Lawrence, KS...one on December 14th @ The Replay Lounge and another on January 4th at The Jackpot Saloon. We will post events on the Facebook and such so you all know the hap.

Happy Holidays and end of the world, AAA