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Venus Bogardus / Blog

go west

Hello, radio silence... Hopefully someone out there is using this site and will dig the sound and sense... Venus Bogardus are pleased to announce their signing to Pretty Mouth Records and the eminent release of their new album, Tourist, and a limited edition vinyl single, distributed via Ryko. Will be pulling up stakes and playing a few choice US gigs in support of said album in late November/early December. Read all about it here, write to us, etc. etc. We're artists/writers/musicians and we despise things that are uninteresting. We're here to intrigue, and compelled to create. Our fans include some other really interesting avant-garde types, and a bunch of other people with some fine taste as well as some people who just like to jump around and get all riled up. I have no idea what to say at the mo. We're pretty active on thespace, check us out there, plus our swank new web site. Let us know if you're enthused, want to get some free stuff, whatever, and we'll investigate what 'street team' means. Sorry for being a luddite, but this is not what we get the big [artistic kudos] for, hey. x Hannah