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"Dying Inside," and more updates...

We hope everyone is doing good, and getting ready to enjoy the Christmas holidays! We'll be releasing our new single "Dying Inside" in January. We'll also start recording 3 new songs, with our Producer David Castell in January as well. The selected songs are "Bleeding Misery" (we'll re-record this from our first EP), "Absolution" (re-record from our second EP), as well as the new song "You Don't Say." We're also compiling studio footage from last year, and we'll be uploading that soon as well. Our first EP will be given away as a gift at our next few shows. We're making room for new merchandise, and we're also looking at making a music video soon. Thank you all for your support, your prayers, and your love. These past few years have been a lot of work, and in some ways we're just getting started in certain areas. We're looking forward to 2015!! Micah

Our upcoming single "Dying Inside"

This past weekend we received our new single "Dying Inside," from our Producer David Castell. We're extremely pleased with the results! This song is geared towards fans of heavier music. We'll be releasing the new track sometime in January, as well as heading back into the studio. We've enjoyed hearing "Believe" on various radio stations, playing shows outside of SA, and getting more merch. together. Thank you all for your prayers, love, and your support! Have a great weekend everyone, and we'll keep you updated as more things unfold. Micah

Our new single "Believe"

A few weeks ago, we released our new single "Believe." It's been awesome hearing the positive feedback from the song! "Believe" has been on a few radio stations, and we're busy spreading the word. In a few months, we'll be releasing another single called "Dying Inside." WAXPANEL has been busy booking and playing shows throughout Texas. We'll have hats and wristbands soon, and are looking to expand our merchandise further. Thank you all for your support, and have a great week! Micah

These Past Few Months...

Hey everyone, this is Micah from WAXPANEL. These past few months have been amazing! Our band has been reunited, with it's original live show line-up. We're playing outside our city, branching into different venues, and playing with many great bands. We recently recorded a couple of brand new singles, and will be releasing them in the upcoming months. We have some big summer shows lined up, and things are looking good! Thank you all so much for your support, and have a great week.