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Larry Insana / Blog

09-30-13-My Morning Thoughts:

09-30-13-My Morning Thoughts: What’s the average life span of a male these days…76, 77? That means by statistics I only have about 23 years remaining of My Morning Thoughts…oh the madness of it all…plain and simple.

09-27-13-My Morning Thoughts:

09-27-13-My Morning Thoughts: As a foolish child I “Begged, Borrowed and Stole”…then I grew up and I “Gave, Lent and Paid”…poetic justice I guess…be safe this weekend my friends and play nice together…plain and simple.

09-26-13-My Morning Thoughts: “TIME”

09-26-13-My Morning Thoughts: “TIME” You know the time of your life should never really be measured by time. If you’re having a wonderful occasion…what matters how long it lasts? Enjoy and cherish my friends because they may be few and far between or they may be plentiful, either way…live life…plain and simple.

09-25-13-My Morning Thoughts:

09-25-13-My Morning Thoughts: Right around 12, 13 or so…I remember going to friends houses for kind-a-like parties I guess you would say. Ya there would be boys and girls and music and chips and black lights and florescent posters and bellbottom jeans and suede vests with fringes and spin the bottle and beads instead of doors and older boys and girls and…well ok that’s enough, I’m stopping there for now…have a great day all and remember don’t ever be ashamed of where you came from cause it helped us all get to where we are right now as far as I’m concerned…there is a reason to the rhyme it just doesn’t always make sense while you’re still trying to figure out how you made it out of those original reasons to get here…I don’t even know what I just said!...I need more coffee!…ANYWAY, GOOD MORNING ALL!!!!!…plain and simple.

09-24-13-My Morning Thoughts: BALD?

09-24-13-My Morning Thoughts: BALD? Hey, I was just thinking…how come there weren’t any bald headed hippies????? You did have to let your hair grow to be a member right? I know in the 70’s we had long hair and a lot of us left over second generation (errrrs) listening to our older siblings music hippie types…all had long hair at one time or another didn’t we?...I guess it just wouldn’t have been as much fun if I supported the hair style my heredity has “be stolen” upon me at this time…and I tell ya, it’s really hard to braid bald too…plain and simple.

09-23-13-My Morning Thoughts: “That Section”

09-23-13-My Morning Thoughts: “That Section” There are a few of you out there that I’ve had the pleasure to know for many years now and many out there that I know very little about. I have written about many stories of growing up and childhood experiences and there’s so many more still locked in the memory banks of my brain…how, I don’t know…why, I don’t know…but they are. I have stories of triumph and achievement…but just as many…or maybe even more…of failure and un-fulfilled dreams I guess…We all do, don’t we?...Anyway, some stories have been locked away in that special section that I call…I remember…buuuuuuut…I wish I could forget section. Now that section I don’t know if everyone has or not…however…some of you out there were with me when that section got started if ya know what I mean! And that section is for…Another day another time…I’m trying to be as good as I can now because of that section…LOL…plain and simple.

09-20-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Holding Hands”

09-20-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Holding Hands” Anybody hold hands anymore? Who still holds hands out there? I still hold hands with my wife…and I like it!!! Remember the first time you ever held hands? I bet they were pretty sweaty weren’t they? And the heart was a pounding wasn’t it?...but then after a while…it was just plain cool with no worries cause everybody else was doing it….or wishing they were…nice times…have a great safe weekend all and don’t be afraid to show good old solid affection …plain and simple.

09-19-13-My Morning Thoughts: “The Greatest Day”

09-19-13-My Morning Thoughts: “The Greatest Day” I think I would consider the greatest day ever in the history of the entire world to be…not one soul on the planet goes to bed hungry or scared…plain and simple.

09-18-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Blowing Some Steam”

09-18-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Blowing Some Steam” Ok, help me out here…if the conservative party claims there about family values should I surmise that the liberal party isn’t?...If the liberal party claims there about helping those who have less should I surmise that the conservatives’ don’t care? I kind a think there all about a little-bit-of- everything…but unfortunately a-lot-of-themselves, if ya catch my drift!...passing policies they don’t have to follow, very few term limits, the best health care anywhere and if by chance they forgot to pass all those bills in their favor…no big deal…the lobbyist can hold them over till the next congress!...plain and simple.

09-17-13-My Morning Thoughts:

09-17-13-My Morning Thoughts: I don’t know where to start today…I’ve been thinking about politics, sports, work and after work this morning…after work, now that’s a good thought! Some days a harder than others to get through…usually when you’re waiting for something special it takes forever to get there if ya know what I mean. Well today I have a mountain of work and when I get through it I’m going home, straight home and make some dinner for two turn on the boob-tube watch some politics on the news them some sports game and then hit the sack and start again tomorrow…pretty boring eh?...BTW, pray or happy thoughts or whatever positive method you may have that…people…stop…shooting…people…plain and simple.