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10-16-13-My Morning Thoughts: The Student Loan Bubble Buster!

10-16-13-My Morning Thoughts: The Student Loan Bubble Buster! $52 Billion in student loans have defaulted in the first half of this year! ok check this out, there’s about 39 million student borrowers at this time which adds up to $1 trillion of federal student loan debt…each student loan averages to about $26,000 of debt…this amount has soared upwards of 43% since 2003!...what do you think will happen when more and more students continue to graduate or drop out without the hopes and/or means to pay this back? If-a-you-a-don’t-a-have-a-job-a-how-a-you-a-going-a-to-a-pay-a-this-a-back-a??????...you think the housing crash was bad wait till you see this one…weather your for higher education or not you must see that a plan needs to be put in place to make this affordable…I could cut the future debt in half by the end of the day…eliminate the first 2 years of college completely!!!!!! The only thing you learn your first 2 years of college is the pizza delivery number and how to dress for toga parties! Your junior and senior years is when most people start taking classes in the majors anyway!...see, future student debt defaults cut in half!...plain and simple.

10-15-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Brain Drive”

10-15-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Brain Drive” Did you ever think about how much information is stored in that hard drive of our brains? Memories of childhood, teenager, adult, numbers, addresses, friends, names, birthdays, hero’s, sports, statistics, traditions, recipes, fun times, bad times, sad times, out of time…and so much more…What do you think…about 8 gigs or so I would guess unless you count all the movies we’ve seen or music listened to…you know video and music uses up way more space…anyway, my “brain drive” is moving slower everyday and I was wondering if I should install more storage and a faster processor or just upgrade my coffee strength…any ideas…plain and simple.

10-14-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Commercials”

10-14-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Commercials” I don’t think I could sit through a TV show today without recording capabilities! I am spoiled for sure. The other day I forgot to record one of my favorite shows and had to sit through about 8 commercials…well 7 commercials and when the 8th one started I turned off the TV and…”picked up my guitar and played”!!!!!...much more relaxing anyway…plain and simple.

10-10-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Old Fashion Letters”

10-10-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Old Fashion Letters” Let me see a show of hands…how many people still write letters? Not just birthday cards but an actual letter? I would be willing to bet (if I could) that most have not written a letter for some time…I could be wrong but I just don’t see the mail carrier carrying half as much as they use too and I know they’ve given-em more houses to deliver to with all the cut backs…I tell ya an actual letter goes a long way these days…I don’t write to many anymore cause my hand writing is worse than my spelling…LOL…plain and simple.

10-09-13-My Morning Thoughts: “(gas) what’s that smell?”

10-09-13-My Morning Thoughts: “(gas) what’s that smell?” I just can’t believe the news last night…they said that the gas prices have only been over 4 dollars a gallon 15 times in the last 1000 days…and they were acting like that’s a good thing!!!!! They failed to mention that it has not been under 3 dollars a gallon in those same 1000 days either!!!!!...will it ever be under 2 dollars a gallon again?????...maybe I should just walk more anyway…plain and simple.

10-08-13-My Morning Thoughts: “A Blues Song”

10-08-13-My Morning Thoughts: “A Blues Song” I have this killer music for a blues tune with a great quick lick (riff) but words are just not coming to me for some reason!!!! Help me out! I need a good opening line to get me started like “I went down to the crossroad” or “One way out babe, lord I just can’t go out the door” or “the sky is crying” or “My Baby’s Gone” or …give me the first line and if I use it you shall be mentioned on the next album I record…plain and simple.

10-07-13-My Morning Thoughts: “The Meaning of Life”

10-07-13-My Morning Thoughts: “The Meaning of Life” I figured it out this morning it is so simple I can’t believe I didn’t figure this out years ago!...the meaning of life is…darn…I lost my train of thought…now I have to start all over again…have a great day all and if you know the meaning of life please remind me…plain and simple.

10-04-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Camping”

10-04-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Camping” I always camped a lot as a child and subsequently our children camped a lot with us throughout their lives. I thought (and still do) it’s the coolest kind of vacation! Roughing it for a few days with your family and friends, making a fire to cook, fetching water listening to the non-city-sounds for a piece…I’m mean that’s living!...of course I always wanted to be one of the Walton boys too…Larry-Bob or Larry-Boy or maybe even Jason cause he played guitar and piano I think…LOL…just running through the wilderness with overalls on and for a while…not a care in the world…plain and simple.

10-03-13-My Morning Thoughts: “today’s music scene”

10-03-13-My Morning Thoughts: “today’s music scene” Those of you into music or have been in the music scene for some years did you notice that you don’t hear the big record label scandals much anymore? Or the starving artist that sold songs for nothing and got ripped off or the big time artist that went broke even after they sold millions of albums because the moguls had them sign the dotted line to bankruptcy in the fine print! Or how about the entourages taking their friends for everything they had while the celebrity friend is on stage playing their heart out!...you know the big part of why this isn’t occurring much anymore is the internet and the independent artist are working! They’re everywhere and you don’t need a record deal to do it…if you’re a young musician and have some knowledge of how all this new wave of entertainment works you can do it all on your own if it’s what you really want to do. It’s still hard work…but it can be done…oh to be young (er) again…plain and simple.

10-02-13-My Morning Thoughts: “the crises to end all crises”

10-02-13-My Morning Thoughts: “the crises to end all crises” Why is this country always in crises every morning I turn the TV on? It seems like nothing ever gets done in Washington anymore besides the back and forth hostility…which I must admit they are really good at disagreeing in Washington!...why can’t they sit down with a bill, any bill and start with checking off all the line items that they both agree on first! It’s just common sense to me! These elected congress people are suppose to be working for us, but how can anything get done if they start out by saying…”this bill is dead when it gets to me” before they even read it????? This is not the path to compromise! I’m not the smartest string on guitar but I can tell ya this…that my guitar sounds a whole lot better when all six of those strings are working together!...plain and simple.