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Larry Insana / Blog

01-08-14-My Morning Thoughts: “The Melted Ice Cream”

01-08-14-My Morning Thoughts: “The Melted Ice Cream” For some reason when I was lucky enough to get a bowl of ice cream or should I say when I was rewarded for being good it quickly turned bad. You see I liked to play with that bowl of ice cream and mix it up till it was like a bowl of moooshy goooloshy…and I didn’t eat it until my Dad said quit playing around and eat it!...then I’d either listened and eat or wore it to bed…plain and simple.

01-07-14-My Morning Thoughts: “The Dryer”

01-07-14-My Morning Thoughts: “The Dryer” Is there not an unwritten law, , , , ,that whomever does the laundry gets whatever falls out of the pockets in the dryer????...I mean this can’t just be me can it? Its usually just crap and notes and paper made into lint…buuuuuuuuuuutttttttt every once in a while its cold hard cash! Ya one dollar bills and 5’s and 10’s and sometimes 20’s!!!!...anyway, I thought everybody knew this…help me out here cause I got like a total of 20 bucks the other day and my wife wants it back!...and BTW, I’m staying close to the warm dryer today…plain and simple. -34 degrees with the wind chill this morning…

01-06-14-My Morning Thoughts: “Fishing, the 1st time”

01-06-14-My Morning Thoughts: “Fishing, the 1st time” Learning how to fish the first time was kind a weird…cutting a worm and twisting it through that hook the first time…But it sure was fun catching that first fish! Now taking that fish off the hook well that was a special face made I’m sure. Oh ya then cleaning those fish the first time…yuk! However, cooking and eating that first fish…tops!...just kind a fishing for something this fine morning, could ya tell…LOL…plain and simple.

01-03-14-My Morning Thoughts: ‘A Simpler Time”

01-03-14-My Morning Thoughts: ‘A Simpler Time” There was a simpler time I’m sure, because even my time in those early days were simpler. And almost certainly most can say that of their early days because the responsibilities were directed differently and may have been limited, which became simpler. I mean most didn’t have to feed themselves most didn’t have to look for shelter most didn’t worry about making ends meet because as a youth it’s just not the things most had to do…I just ate, played and slept…Now I’m talking my slice of the world you know…but anyway, we did have some responsibilities however as time has moved on and things change and innovation is seemly unlimited, things do get easier to a point…but simpler times, I don’t know. Yes it was easier for me turn on the light switch as opposed to my grandparent’s childhood lighting an oil lamp or something but by simpler I mean…morally relaxing in some sort of way. It appears that honestly was more prevalent back then and you’re integrity was how sanity overcame the insanity. When a hand shake took place it was better than a legal document. When a man gave his word…he kept his word and that’s the ‘simpler’ I’m trying to refer too…all the advances in the world and all the advances that haven’t even been thought of yet cannot emulate those ‘simpler times’…wish they could though every now and then…plain and simple.

01-02-14-My Morning Thoughts:

01-02-14-My Morning Thoughts: by Larry Insana an apolitical folk singer that spells very poorly…2 years now! It’s been 2 years now since the start of “My Morning Thoughts”…yes 2 years!...it was only going to be one year but you brought me back by popular demand…lol…I have nothing much to say today except I have enjoyed the writing and thoroughly enjoyed the reading of your responses!...sharing and putting your whole self in and your whole self out, that’s what it’s all about…just ask the guy who wrote the “hokey-pokey”…(I know that was lame)…If ya like, I hope to continue these off and on and if you still want to fight through the bad grammar and spelling errors I’ll try and keep plugging along…for some crazy reason I still have these dog-gone morning thoughts in my half woke brain!…and as I’ve said before, my intent is never to offend but to express my thought at a particular moment in time and at any particular moment in time my thought may be expressed as a misplaced tangent…LOL…all the best to you and yours…plain and simple.

01-01-14-My Morning Thoughts: “HNY”

01-01-14-My Morning Thoughts: “HNY” Happy new year 2014!...So now that everyone has health care and the deficit has been cut in half and the war(s) are over…what will all our politicians do with their time this year?...is that too much sarcasm to start the new year? ...probably… hey everyone have a great year and remember we’re all in this together one way or another and I hope everything works out great for everyone’s sake…aaaaaaaaaand I’m banking on the Beatles having it right…”I have to admit it’s getting better, a little better all the time”…plain and simple.

12-30-13-My Morning Thoughts: HOME

12-30-13-My Morning Thoughts: HOME I really just want to stay home lay in bed and read a good book or something…or even a crappy book!...but I won’t, cause I got to go to work…H-a-p-p-y M-o-n-d-a-y…back yet again, for the grind…have a great day everyone…plain and simple.

12-27-13-My Morning Thoughts: Friday’s…yes!

12-27-13-My Morning Thoughts: Friday’s…yes! I do believe we definitely need more Friday’s every week. I would like three but two would work just fine…of course with that an extra Friday comes an extra Saturday which is what I really wanted anyway!...enjoy the weekend be safe and smile as long as you can…plain and simple.

12-26-13-My Morning Thoughts: It’s Gone!

12-26-13-My Morning Thoughts: It’s Gone! Another year is closing in faster than it did last year! Seems like every year just fly’s by now and there aint no slowing down in sight! ‘Anticipation’ of the next big event or the next holiday or the next family get together has slid down the wayside…there is no time for ‘anticipation’ anymore because it came and went before I could get my ‘anticipation’ motor in gear!...maybe I should start the ‘anticipation’ thing two years in advance this time to see if it slows it down at all…hope Santa was real nice to everyone this year…plain and simple.

12-23-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Our Choices”

12-23-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Our Choices” I once wrote in a song, “It’s not what people make you…it’s how you make yourself…while your looking out your window…take a good look at yourself”. Sounds much better when it’s sung I think but the point is still there I guess. We do make our own way in life even though while making “our own way” we do need at times, some outside influx…But it is up to us to make the best choices available I believe…if we do not, then it’s our choice…plain and simple.