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Larry Insana / Blog

05-29-13-My Morning Thoughts:

05-29-13-My Morning Thoughts: So how’s the government working out for everyone? Everybody living the dream now? Is all wonderful? The perfect time to be alive?...just checking…plain and simple.

05-28-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Thank You”

05-28-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Thank You” To those that have shoveled for 10 straight hours, cleaned houses from morning to night, listened to kids screaming for hours on end, taken care of the elderly, protected this great country, shared a sandwich and a cup of coffee with a stranger, put up with a boss cause you got to pay the bills and all those others that make this world a better place by just doing what you know has to be done…without any thanks…I salute you with my upmost gratitude and respect…plain and simple.

05-24-13-My Morning Thoughts: “News”

05-24-13-My Morning Thoughts: “News” Does anybody watch the news anymore, unless it’s some catastrophe I think it’s falling by the wayside? There’s over 300 million people in the U.S. alone and there’s like 3 million that watch the news stations regularly…seems a tad strange to me that no one’s interested on what’s going on. There’s only like war all over the planet, millions of people unable feed their families, people that hate without reason, unemployed in every corner…come to think of it…maybe these non-viewers got it right…I think I’m turning off the news today and re-thinking my game plan…plain and simple.

05-23-13-My Morning Thoughts:

05-23-13-My Morning Thoughts: The cost of living is going up day after day after day…well I imagine the cost of dying aint that cheep these days either!...ya taxes and death…well they weren’t lying about that one were they!...plain and simple.

05-22-13-My Morning Thoughts: “The Line”

05-22-13-My Morning Thoughts: “The Line” How-many-times-do-I-have-to-tell-you!...remember that famous line? Oh I heard that one…welllllllllllll…I guess not enough cause my parents kept saying it to me! Some things take longer to learn than others and the listening thing took a lot longer than it should have! Repetition will help though because I’ve used that line myself, quite often…do you remember all those harmonious lines sung out like fingernails on a chalkboard by the people that love you the most!…I do…plain and simple.

05-21-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Question”

05-21-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Question” If you had the choice of when and where you could have been born would you change anything? I always liked the thought of being a Native American before we discovered what they already had!…plain and simple.

05-20-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Names”

05-20-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Names” Where do we come up with these kids names? Throughout my life I have met people from all over the world and one of things that come to mind from time to time is there interesting and unusual names. Unusual to me maybe but not so unusual to them, obviously. Some have tradition and meaning like “wildflower’s” or “stands with fist” but some hit me with this perplexing stare into the unknown! There was one lady, Mrs. King that takes the cake in my book. The last thing she saw before going into the delivery room for this glorious occasion of child birth was the non-smoking sign on the door…and guess what she names her child???...Nosmo King!!! Really?????...I guess to each their own!...well maybe it could have been worse like “doorknob” or “employees only” ??...IDK, I think I rather would have been named…the boy named Sue…plain and simple.

05-17-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Any Day”

05-17-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Any Day” Did you know that although it’s May 17 and for most people just another normal day…however to someone out there it’s the greatest day ever!...wishing everyone has those greatest days ever of their own…and a wonderful safe weekend…plain and simple.

05-16-13-My Morning Thoughts: Help!!!!!

05-16-13-My Morning Thoughts: Help!!!!! There comes a time in everyman’s life when…Damn, I lost my train of thought!!!!!...help me out!!!!!...plain and simple.

05-15-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Mistakes”

05-15-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Mistakes” Do you think more people remember achievements or disappointments? It’s funny cause, as I’m thinking about it, I remember many disappointments that became achievements somehow. I was always told that we learn by our mistakes…it must be true!...plain and simple.