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Larry Insana / Blog

08-20-12- My Morning Thoughts:

08-20-12- My Morning Thoughts: Proactive or Reactive? Depending on your line of work it’s probably a good habit to be proactive, unfortunately things happen that are unexpected and the reactive mode is set in motion. In life, I could definitely improve on my proactive side…I know I’m gaining weight…soooooo…stop eating…I’m still half sleepy in the morning…sooooooo…go to bed earlier…I know what it is I have to prioritize so why don’t I do it?...I’m reactive I guess…plain and simple.

08-17-12- My Morning Thoughts:

08-17-12- My Morning Thoughts: A long time ago in a small village called Willow Arms there lived a young boy named Larry, he played, he fought, he loved and he stole. He is ashamed of some of the dumb stuff he did but very thankful for the friends. Friends that got him in to trouble sometimes but got him out of trouble many more times than he barley remembers. Friends that have remained friends for life…they are the type of friends that miles of road came between them, though when their paths meet every now and again, they are still best friends! To have friends one must be friendly and it took a while to learn this…have a fantastic weekend all…peace…plain and simple.

08-16-12- My Morning Thoughts:

08-16-12- My Morning Thoughts: You know people I really don’t care what side you’re on but what our VP said about the chains thing is totally hideous! In context out of context it matters not either way…it’s absolutely ignorant to say such a thing…we all make mistakes but we all aint the VP of the US of A though!...we really don’t need any help going backwards at this juncture and division is not acceptable in these volatile days…I can only hope that it was too many drinks at lunch or bad meds or something…plain and simple.

08-15-12- My Morning Thoughts:

08-15-12- My Morning Thoughts: I know there’s many great rock bands…but to be mentioned as the greatest of all time narrows it down some…bands that influenced future bands…music that changed generations...songs that created culture and counter-culture…when you add it all together the Beatles are tops on many lists…I’m interested in hearing what top 5 bands you fill change the world…plain and simple.

08-14-12- My Morning Thoughts:

08-14-12- My Morning Thoughts: How many years do I have to be ‘good’ to fix all I’ve done badly? Is it like 10 years bad takes 10 years good to break even? Is being bad considered as more punishing , like everything I did bad I need to do two things good to make up for it? Or how about if I did bad things but I never got caught, do they count too? Getting nervous just thinking about it…hope I’m good today it’s so much easier…plain and simple.

08-13-12- My Morning Thoughts:

08-13-12- My Morning Thoughts: Sorry, but I still don’t see what right the media has in choosing sides of a political process! Manipulation is a word I’ve used and I see used quit often on this internet railroad but it’s becoming more and more visible everyday that elections can be won and lost by negative unsavory professional word twisters…and it has to stop! It’s paining to the core that so many don’t get it or even try and get it or even worse, feel that it’s the status quo now…I would say at this point both conservative opinions and liberal opinions are needed although any extreme ‘left or right’ can’t be all that enticing when compromise is really the only solution! The countries split,,, so those on the left deal with it and those on the right deal with it…Here are some questions I would ask if I were holding a presidential debate; 1) Can you fix the deficit, how? 2) Can you pay for the healthcare plan, how? 3) Can you fix social security, how? 4) Can you defend ‘Our’ boarders, how? 5) Can you feed ‘Our’ starving homeless citizens, how?........ if we don’t fix these main problems in a hurry there won’t be any need for debating the other issues...plain and simple.

08-10-12- My Morning Thoughts:

08-10-12- My Morning Thoughts: I am not God! How can I know what the truth is on evolution or global warming or the apocalypse or a billion other topics? Well I can’t…and even though there are theories pertaining to everything when you get the ‘deep questions’ it’s just like a court room…all sides can argue their point very well these day…one may claim scientific proof or say it states right here in the back of this book…but the bottom line is as soon as it happens then its fact…of course if the apocalypse thing ever happens we won’t know that it was fact will we?…until then, everyone have a great weekend and be safe… plain and simple.

08-09-12- My Morning Thoughts: Plain and Simple

08-09-12- My Morning Thoughts: Plain and Simple If we are being honest which democrats and republicans always are Ha-Ha, I would say you need to tell it like it is even at the expense of...well… In my quick opinion, ((GENERALLY)) speaking the democrats appear to coddle their base and assure more government intervention and in return gain their support…while the republicans tend to make everything cheery by saying if you support big business everyone will be working, happy and live happily ever after…obviously they both say more than that but I can’t write forever so give me some latitude here…will there ever be a politician(s) that says enough is enough and things like I don’t care about re-election or being elected or what my political friends will do or think of me (and mean it!)…or could they say this…I’m just going to do what’s right and fair for everyone EXCEPT 545 people!!!!……….you do know who the 545 people referred to are? The House, Senate, Supreme Court & President...they can have the lobbyist take care of them for a while I’m sure they’ll manage!…plain and simple.

08-08-12- My Morning Thoughts: Plain and Simple

08-08-12- My Morning Thoughts: Plain and Simple I feel like this isn’t the way it was suppose to be in the grand scheme of things…you would think that because we think, therefore we are…or “I think therefore I am”, or whatever it is…the thinking part is easy now it’s the acting on the positive thoughts that’s got me puzzled…I see lots of shaker-uppers out there but only on the viral side…when it comes to the physical hands on part everyone is all the sudden tooooooooooooooooooo busy…take a break from the TV for an hour or two and volunteer somewhere…help out when you can…believe it or not you will feel different after you lend a hand…we all get asked to donate money for events but it’s not ‘always’ about the money…it’s compassion, caring, consideration for all humanity…and maybe just a friendly act of kindness could start a positive chain reaction like a good morning with a smile (I’m smiling right now BTW) ...plain and simple.

08-07-12- My Morning Thoughts: Plain and Simple

08-07-12- My Morning Thoughts: Plain and Simple Ok I’m a fairly honest man now that I’m in my balding-gray-overweight years…I have one statement that has to be made right now…my Mom makes the best spaghetti and meatballs in the world…if you don’t believe me just invite me over your house for dinner, let me try your famous recipe and ‘I’ll’ let ya know which one is better…plain and simple.