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08-02-13-My Morning Thoughts:

08-02-13-My Morning Thoughts: Anyone have that feeling that everything is just perfect? All is well and it couldn’t get any better? The grass is greener on your side?...na, me either…but I tell ya what, I’m always trying for it though!...the journey for perfection can be a bit overwhelming…however…who would want to quest for the alternative…have a great weekend all and may all your journey’s be a wonderful experience…plain and simple.

08-01-13-My Morning Thoughts: glass houses?

08-01-13-My Morning Thoughts: glass houses? If you live in a glass house don’t throw stones right? Why didn’t they just build all houses out of glass? Then everyone would be susceptible of stone throwing all at once! Who would want to be the first stone thrower when you know one’s coming right back at ya?...plain and simple

07-31-13-My Morning Thoughts: “excuse or reason”

07-31-13-My Morning Thoughts: “excuse or reason” Is there a difference between an excuse and a reason? Excuse: “to release from an obligation or duty”…Reason: “a statement presented in justification or explanation of a belief or action”…if a question is answered with a specific reason why something wasn’t completed how can it be called an excuse? For example, why didn’t you mow the lawn son? Answer or “reason” because there was no gas…why didn’t you go buy some gas? Answer or reason because I didn’t have any money…now some may say those are excuses for not mowing the lawn but I think there factual reasons for not mowing the lawn…I don’t know, it’s the kind of excuses/reasons I use to use quit often as a kid…right before I was grounded!...plain and simple.

07-30-13-My Morning Thoughts:

07-30-13-My Morning Thoughts: If I say something that you disagree with or maybe even pisses you off can we still be friends? I mean I hope the answers yes or there’s really know reason for anyone ever to interact on anything now is there? Although disagreeing has caused much heartache and turmoil throughout history the good old fashion argument/debate has changed the world in many positive lights too. Without healthy debate how do we learn to compromise? How do we learn new theories? And most importantly how do we all learn to live together as friends? Anyway, I like the give and take because this old dog is not afraid to learn new tricks……plain and simple.

07-29-13-My Morning Thoughts: discipline?

07-29-13-My Morning Thoughts: discipline? Do you think there is a discipline problem in our country? Do you think there’s a valid correlation between crime and lack of discipline as a child? Do you think because there are more fatherless children or single parent’s more and more children are led astray? I personally wouldn’t call this a political platform because I believe families (all families) need to attend to their children’s needs first and foremost before anything else! When the leadership (all leadership) focuses on anything else before the children it appears to me that their making a huge cluster _ _ _ _ of the long term! I mean I know ‘Leave it to Beaver’ is long gone but I would at least settle for The Partridge Family and Rubin Kincaid…wow, don’t know how I got to that tangent…but anyway, you must have role models who love you when you’re right and love you more when you’re wrong…and we all know which is harder! The discipline part was always harder because you love-em so much but without the structure the wrong’s can become a great deal worse over time…plain and simple.

07-26-13-My Morning Thoughts:

07-26-13-My Morning Thoughts: If I ever stop writing songs I’m probably dead so here is my hopeful thought for a lot more songs…LOL…I don’t know what keeps them coming but I sure am glad they do…it’s almost as if they are therapy trying to tell me something…To emotional not emotional enough, it matters not cause I keep on writing them however or whatever emotion takes me away!…enjoy the weekend all, be safe and listen to some great music that may put you right in the mood of your choice…peace…plain and simple.

07-25-13-My Morning Thoughts:

07-25-13-My Morning Thoughts: I’m lost and I “do” know why…too many Oreos, Ho Ho’s and Twinkies as a child! You could not have eaten as many as I did and then grown up to not be able to overindulge anymore…it just sucks! Why couldn’t they just be healthy for me?...life is just not fair sometime…but oh the memories…plain and simple.

07-24-13-My Morning Thoughts:

07-24-13-My Morning Thoughts: It’s been said that mental illness or insanity can be attributed to doing the same thing over and over again…so if you continually connect everything to racism weather it is or isn’t, especially if you have young eager ears that worship and follow you…guess what…if the shoe fits…do everyone a favor and take off that shoe and hit yourself in the head as hard and as many times as possible and knock out that insanity please…plain and simple.

07-23-13-My Morning Thoughts: what is this!

07-23-13-My Morning Thoughts: what is this! I’m wondering this early daybreak if ‘this’ is what it is and ‘this’ is what its suppose to be? What is this? Is ‘this’ correct? ‘This’ aint anything else usually it’s just ‘this’? If ‘this’ is something else then what is it? It can’t be ‘this’ if it is something else…can it?...the morning thoughts is-a-wondering today…plain and simple.

07-22-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Wedding”

07-22-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Wedding” It’s a pretty awesome feeling when I child grows up, falls in love and marries his sweetheart….Jacks my son and now Alyssa’s my daughter and I’m a happy man! Ya my first born shared vows Saturday and they made me cry a little in the most joyful way any delightful tears could ever be. Wishing the best for these two beautiful young people and telling the world that family and friends will always be there for them…plain and simple.