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Larry Insana / Blog

08-11-14-My Morning Thoughts: Leaders...

08-11-14-My Morning Thoughts: Leaders... Generalization-1: So if you believe in freedom, working hard, taking care of your family, helping others that need help, trying to do the right thing, generally pro-life, more of a traditionalist, a strong military and smaller government you “may” lean more towards the right at times… Generalization-2: thereto if you believe in freedom, working hard, taking care of your family, helping others that need help, trying to do the right thing, generally pro-choice, equality, a smaller military and larger government you “may” lean more towards the left at times…notice, both believe in many of the same things to be sure and all should remember one basic tool that we all need to believe in to allow such opinions and many shared aspirations to continue…and that is called Freedom!……Great leaders, truly great leaders don’t just accommodate to their ideological base, they lead in a manner that those that may have differences still can follow. Is there a “perfect” leader, I think that would be unrealistic to ask because it’s partially their trials and tribulations that help ascend them to the level of leader…are some better than others, yes, do we know when they are great leaders while their leading, not nearly enough. Normally history proves these things…here’s to the great leaders whomever you may be and some great future followers that have a sense of when to compromise!…if we can’t work together then it’s because were working too hard to be apart…plain and simple.

08-08-14-My Morning Thoughts: “Sticks Bar and Grill Tonight”

08-08-14-My Morning Thoughts: “Sticks Bar and Grill Tonight” I love playing shows at the outside venues! There’s something about those bad notes and wrong guitar chords endlessly echoing out in the wide open spaces…ha ha!...anyway, I’m going to be jamming at 7pm tonight at Sticks which is at Briar dale Golf Course in beautiful Euclid Ohio…if ya have some time to enjoy the outside come join me for some great food, great people, music and some summer fun…have a wonderful safe weekend all!...plain and simple.

08-07-14-My Morning Thoughts: “Big Wheels” TBT…

08-07-14-My Morning Thoughts: “Big Wheels” TBT… I loved my big wheel, I thought it was the coolest toy ever invented when I was a kid. I remember riding that thing all the time and even when I got too big for it I took the seat off and stood with one foot on the back and off I went…when I spent the summer of 1972 in Fayetteville NC with my Aunt Frieda, Uncle Jack and my wee little cousins Krista and Tracy I road one there too!...If you were standing on their front porch and looking out, just to the left was a street that came down this steep hill and had kind of wide turns at the end from what I remember. I use to go to the top and ride down that hill on that big wheel trying to make the turn before the street ended so I didn’t end up in the neighbor’s front yard. Now I was way too big for the big wheel but I did it anyway…My Aunt use to freak out cause she never wanted me to get hurt…and from what I remember I didn’t get hurt, ‘doing that anyway’, during one of the most wonderful summers of my childhood…thinking back I’m sure glad big wheels were invented because that has allowed me the fortune, to bring me back this fine morning to the wonderful memory of that summer with my family in Fayetteville…plain and simple.

08-06-14-My Morning Thoughts: “I’ve Got It”

08-06-14-My Morning Thoughts: “I’ve Got It” I hope people realize you can’t get rid of all the guns! Well let me take that back a little…if we get this big magnet like thing in space and it only attracts weapons and its turned on one time and poof, like a Jeannie in a bottle no more weapons!...ya that’s it!...now don’t everyone get mad at me, I have no problem with law abiding gun owners…it’s those at the other end of that spectrum that need the de-weaponizing!!!!…well I’m just drinking that coffee out loud again on this great beautiful morning and hoping for peace throughout the lands, is that too much to ask…enjoy the day all…plain and simple.

08-04-14-My Morning Thoughts: SLEEP

08-04-14-My Morning Thoughts: SLEEP I just heard that the perfect amount of sleep for adults is 7 hours a day to have your full potential and brain working to your fullest capacity. It used to be 8 hours but now its 7 hours, me personally, I sleep 4 to 5 hours without counting the nap I sneak in when I’m watching golf…but that does make me wonder or should I say explains, why my full capacity seems so much less than others…LOL…although, the 7 hour thing could be a government conspiracy to have the work force and buying force and vacationing force and every force out their spending money one more hour awake a day!...it’s just a thought…plain and simple.

08-01-14-My Morning Thoughts: “Dead Poets Society”

08-01-14-My Morning Thoughts: “Dead Poets Society” I was watching the movie “Dead Poets Society” the other night and something struck me quite strongly this time around. There’s an early scene when the teacher (Robin William’s) is explaining mortality to his new students. He had his students look into an old trophy case and view pictures of the students that came before them years and years ago. He then went further by saying these students were just like you and had their lives ahead of them just like you and then he tied it up with…”now their warm food”…just like all of us will be some day. He then went on to explain why “Carpe diem” is so significant as youths! Usually “Carpe diem” is translated to “Seize The Day”…to me, I take this as a live every moment you can to the fullest, be the best you can while trying to do the right thing…and it amazes me that “Carpe diem” was written by a distant Roman relative ha ha Quintus Horatius Flaccus AKA “Horace” in 23 BC…some things will always have the same intent no matter when their said…have a wonderful safe weekend all…plain and simple.

07-31-14-My Morning Thoughts: “The Dare”

07-31-14-My Morning Thoughts: “The Dare” Remember those peer pressure taunts that sent some on ventures probably unwantedly…ya you do, well I do! And some I didn’t even get hurt doing…lol…but for some insane reason I did them. And you know what happens when your friends know you take dares…more dares a coming for sure!...buuuuuuuttttttt I’m still here….ha ha…so dare that!...have a great day all…plain and simple

07-30-14-My Morning Thoughts: “Generations”

07-30-14-My Morning Thoughts: “Generations” If your one of the lucky ones your only like two generations from being forgotten…most people aren’t as fortunate in these times to have everything they want or do what they please or go hither and thither or document their respective history, however there are some that do. I have read many different definitions of the term ‘generations’ but I take the simple one, which are all the people living the same time as me. So generally speaking that means whatever my average life span will be is my generation and you all that happen to be in that time frame are living in my generation, subsequently I’m living in some of yours too. Now I know they love to compare generations and break all these down to the “us generation” and the “me generation” and the like, just-so-long-as you know you are now in my generation and I am in yours and I would really like the next generation to say…that last generation really tried their best to leave it better for our generation…so let’s get busy people, lots of work to do…peace…plain and simple.

07-29-14-My Morning Thoughts: I got Jipped!

07-29-14-My Morning Thoughts: I got Jipped! We were promised flying cars for all by the year 2000 when I was a kid. We were supposed to be living like the futuristic cartoon Jetsons by now! What happened? Did time go to fast? Did we get lazy and give up? Ya I know we have cell phones and all those toys but I wanted a transporter by now! Beam me over here and beam me over there and beam me up there…some things should never be promised until after their realized…and guess what, no more lies big or small…ha ha…plain and simple.

07-25-14-My Morning Thoughts: The Mistake on the Lake?

07-25-14-My Morning Thoughts: The Mistake on the Lake? Johnny Football, the RNC, the Rock Hall, The Lebron James, The Largest Sports Show and the most famous Corned Beef sandwich in the world from Slyman’s…just to name a few things…I guess I stayed in Cleveland for just the right amount of years for the turnaround!!!...I think everyone should start moving to CLEVELAND!!!!...have a great weekend all!!!...plain and simple.