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Larry Insana / Blog

07-10-13-My Morning Thoughts:

07-10-13-My Morning Thoughts: How far is too far with a personal opinion? Is there even a boundary on such things? If the intent is just to harm should it still be allowed? Is the freedom of speech hindered in the name of safety? How about those who pick the ideal threats and determine which may be real or false?…man I don’t what that job!...these times are ‘still-a-changing’ and the outcome has never been more prevalent than right now in this world…keep your eyes open and listen carefully because I see and hear a lot between the lines these days…more than I use to…plain and simple.

07-09-13-My Morning Thoughts: “IRS”

07-09-13-My Morning Thoughts: “IRS” Check this out…the IRS refunded 46 million dollars, which was 28 thousand checks, to “ONE” address in Atlanta…now that’s a nice tax return…man that’s some kind of efficient company handing out our tax money!...ya I can trust them…also, the government spent 600 thousand dollars to purchase FACE BOOK LIKES TOO…what!...why would they do that? What are they selling? Do they really need to advertise? We already know who the government is, don’t we?...I guess this is the future and maybe someday we can just vote for the next president with FB likes...plain and simple.

07-08-13-My Morning Thoughts: “being honest, is this fair to us”

07-08-13-My Morning Thoughts: “being honest, is this fair to us” Sorry but I have to say this! I’m told President Bush played 9 rounds of golf in 8 years and the news crucified him on every round, don’t care if you voted for him or against him…President Obama, they stopped counting after like 80 rounds of golf in 5 years, and several vacations with this last one estimated at just shy of 100 million dollars…which president do you feel worked harder? Would we ever be able to distinguish that anyway? And I’m not talking policies of the left or right just time served…whatever side you’re on matters not because it’s “our” country and “our” president (s) and they should be working for “our” we the people (s) first and foremost! If everything was cool then there’s time for r and r, however everything isn’t cool and r and r should be limited to an average of time the 300 million Americans get r and r every year…nothing more, nothing less…plain and simple.

07-05-13-My Morning Thoughts

07-05-13-My Morning Thoughts: Ok, you have 3 containers…a 5 quart a 3 quart and a 2 quart and you have to measure our 4 quarts but you have to use all 3 containers a minimum of once…how can this be done? An answer: Dump the 2 quart into the 5 quart fill it up again and dump the 2 quart in to the 5 quart again…4 quarts, oh but you have to use the 3 quart container still…dump the 3 quart into the five quart which leave you with 2 quart in the 3 quart container…dump out the 5 quart poor in the 3 quart which now 2 quart and poor in the other 2 quart…boom 4 quarts…dizzy yet?...there are other easier ways but I got to get to work...plain and simple.

07-04-13-My Morning Thoughts: “America” and yes it is beautiful…

07-04-13-My Morning Thoughts: “America” and yes it is beautiful… Have you guys noticed I’ve toned down the morning thoughts for the most part this year? Ya anytime I brought up politics, religion or the like it got a little loud at times, let’s say. I know everyone has an opinion but it’s those opinions out there that don’t agree with me…you know the wrong ones…that drive me nuts…LOLLOLOLOLOLLOLOL…anyway, that being said, we all know which political party works the best and which religion is the best and the correct answer to pro choice or pro life and that key question… what is the meaning of life?...but one thing for sure, although flawed, the founders of this country had a pretty darn good idea with this freedom thing! Because freedom is what allows us to be the beautiful individuals that we are…Happy Anniversary America…thank you, and all that help sustain it…plain and simple.

07-03-13-My Morning Thoughts: “JUNK DRAWER”

07-03-13-My Morning Thoughts: “JUNK DRAWER” Who invented this junk drawer in the kitchen? I’ve been to a lot of house’s in my life…some even invited…lol…but they all have had one thing in common…a junk drawer in the kitchen. Why is that? What is that? Why do we all have one? Are we too lazy to put the little things away? I always seem to have like a half used superglue tube that’s no good anymore, and empty scotch tape spool, a multi screwdriver with the Phillips head missing, a crappy set of scissors…you name it, and I have a broken one right in that drawer! They all have their homes too but they never get put back! Why, I don’t know…is it just a household quirk…and a messy one at that! Those drawers are normally broken because of over use and over filled but we still manage to shove more and more into them all the time! Oh ya we clean them out now again and find things we never could remember where we put them…but a few days later…it’s junk again!... This can’t be just me…can it? What do you guys find in your drawers…ha ha…tomorrow I’m cleaning out my junk drawer and starting over…ya that’s what I’m going to do…how exciting is that?...plain and simple.

07-02-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Without You”

07-02-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Without You” Something really important I have to say today but I woke up in a daze or something. There’s something going on today…oh ya…Hey!!! I’ve been married 25 years today! Man you talk about a man being lucky…I thought she would have traded me in like…15 or 20 years ago for sure! I am blessed to have a best friend…and how do they say that…oh ya, with benefits. As I get older and the love is much greater than any benefit could ever be…and I say to myself…self…I’m a lucky man!...now this topic I could write on forever because I am a straight out fanatical head over heels love struck romantic! There has been so many songs written on this subject and I must say, I have contributed to the love songs mainly because I have the most wonderful love in the world to write about…so just to end on one of my songs…”even death, just don’t scare me, what scares me is living my life…without you”. Happy 25th anniversary Carrie and you have been…and always will be…the love of my life…plain and simply…in love.

07-01-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Birthday”

07-01-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Birthday” So another year has gone by and I’m still here this fine Cleveland Ohio morning. There are a million things in life that pop in and out of our brains like things we’ve done or achievements or disappointments or maybe even things we wanted to do or will do some day…but what is our legacy? Should the question even be asked…will I be remembered when I’m gone? Would it really matter if I’m not? Were the little things I’ve done in my life enough to make a difference? I don’t know…it’s pretty deep when ya think about it….one side of my family tree has it all written down and traces back to like 1600 and when you read the names and check em out that’s all you know…names! I don’t know how they spoke how they lived what they believed or even if they were good people or bad people!...anyway, as time rolls on…and yes it will, everything boils down to one focal point in my opinion…did we do the best we can within the time allowed us?...plain and simple.

06-28-13-My Morning Thoughts: simple things

06-28-13-My Morning Thoughts: The simple things in life? The simple things in life may not always be so simple…like working hard every day to try and pay ‘most’ of the bills, smiling at someone you know has it in for you, holding the door ‘again’ without an acknowledgement…well anyway its Friday and that means unwind and enjoy…have a great weekend and be safe people, while unwinding…plain and simple.

06-27-13-My Morning Thoughts:

06-27-13-My Morning Thoughts: I can tell you one thing for sure this fine morning…it’s Thursday…Thursday’s aren’t so bad though cause the work-week “end” is in sight. I have worked long enough to know that the days have become like Bill Murray’s movie Groundhog Day! Not exactly like it but you know what I mean. Sometime you just get stuck in a rut and it seems to deep to climb out!...but I do and we do and we move on to Friday!…can’t wait, hope everyone enjoys this great day…plain and simple.