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Larry Insana / Blog

03-15-13-My Morning Thoughts:

03-15-13-My Morning Thoughts: Interesting is a very interesting word don’t ya think? If you have an interest in a subject you normally want to learn as much as you can because Its…welllllll…interesting. Yes, some things are more interesting than others…if that’s possible…but some things are just plain boring! As long as I’m interested I continue to investigate however when I’m uninterested I’m pretty much done at that point…one thing for sure…I’m really in suspense that this weekend is just the right amount of interesting so I can keep interested long enough to enjoy all the interesting people that may cross my path and all the unique interesting places that may catch my eye…”verrrrrrrry interesting…but stupid”…have a great weekend all, be safe and stay tuned…the new Album will be bouncing around the internet shortly!!!...hope you all can’t wait to support independent music…plain and simple.

03-11-13-My Morning Thoughts:

03-11-13-My Morning Thoughts: Believe me I know it’s Monday…but…Today will be a great day I can just feel it! Sometimes things just all go according to plan and sometimes they don’t…but today, I’m making it all good!!! And may I say…I hope your day is everything you wanted…plain and simple. FOR INFO ON MY NEW ALBUM CONTACT ME AT larryinsana@aol.com...thanks!

03-08-13-My Morning Thoughts:

03-08-13-My Morning Thoughts: I know its Friday…but…can I just sleep today???...wow!...two posts in a row about being tired…maybe I should do something about that?...any thoughts out there about the map to the fountain of youth?...maybe I should just walk more than to the fridge and back and then to the guitar!...anyway, everyone have a fantastic weekend, be safe and enjoy each other...plain and simple.

03-01-13-My Morning Thoughts:

03-01-13-My Morning Thoughts: Is there a reason why sometimes I don’t remember the past quite as well as I use too? Why do I need a nudge every now and then to start the old “walk down memory lane” going that slowly brings me back to yesteryear…am I old? I don’t feel old most of the time…”isn’t age just a number”…and ya who coined that phrase??...Well I prefer the “use it or lose it” phrase myself, it just makes sense to me…anyway, here’s to all of you remembering all your precious memories forever…have a wonderful safe weekend all…plain and simple.

02-26-13-My Morning Thoughts:

02-26-13-My Morning Thoughts: When there’s something you feel very strongly about whether it be religion, politics, music or just plain life styles in general…how far is too far for compromise? Is there a line in the imaginary sand that says this is just too far to bend? Do we stick to out convictions for all the right reasons and if so, who’s to say our reasons are the right reasons! I don’t know…life’s complicated at times however wondrous it may be…and though I will continue plugging along staying grateful through each daily journey, I will always wonder that if at some point…the path taken had been over compromised during those journeys to some extent…I guess this is one of those things that is played out “after the fact”…plain and simple.

02-23-13-My Morning Thoughts:

02-23-13-My Morning Thoughts: You know with the internet music has changed at least 10 fold easy! 30 years ago I played everywhere I could because I loved to play, so I did. I shopped my songs a bit here and there but unless you had someone to get that proverbial foot in the door you were locked out every time! Now, 30 years later and mainly because of the internet access, I’ve been number 1 in Ohio on Folk charts, and #523 globally in the all combined genres category at the Reverbnation.com website…there are 2.75 million people on Reverbnation.com at this time. Basically the charts are based on how many visits you get and how many songs get played and how many people sign up as fans and how many times the music gets shared and passed on and its all synced with FB & Twitter too…BECAUSE OF ALL OF YOU I have reached points of 55, 696 song plays, 33, 454 fans, 10, 348 views, 27, 000 twitter followers, more than 5,000 FB likes…MANY MANY THANKS!...Now just so you know, and if I may be a great deal more transparent than some…because I allow so many of my songs to be played without a download purchase for your listening pleasure, I have made $78.23…now wait there’s more…before you say Larry’s really cleaning up these days here’s the skinny…with the web fees and recording fees and the fees on fees I’m more than 5 thousand in the hole…now don’t be said for Larry because you know how many bars I would have had to play in 30 years ago for over 50 thousand people to hear my music…you guessed it…LOTS!...Ok, now I’m being honest with each of you as I do on a daily basis…if you decide to download one of my old songs or CD…please remember there are several costs involved to the artist and though we artist would love to make money for something we love to do…I’ve always been one to hope to break even so I could record more songs for those who want to listen. I know many buy a copy and copy the copy and pass it on…and so on and so on and that’s fine with me when I get to one penny over the break even part…but if ya want to help out the independent artist…purchase a download or e-mail me at larryinsana@aol.com and I’ll give ya the scoop on how to purchase the new CD…Many thanks!...plain and simple.

02-22-13-My Morning Thoughts:

02-22-13-My Morning Thoughts: Remember when you were a kid and you got caught doing something wrong? Remember that feeling in your stomach from knowing that …..there…..will……..be……..consequences for your actions! God I had that feeling way to many times growing up! But hey, I made it, I took my medicine and went on my way…some punishment was unfair and unjust I thought at the time…however…the underlying factor is…it was my doing!...hope all of you have a fantastic and safe weekend…plain and simple.

02-18-13-My Morning Thoughts:

02-18-13-My Morning Thoughts: I have the day off for Presidents Day and though I will enjoy a much needed extra day of rest I can’t help but wonder all those that won’t have this benefit as I have…all those weary veteran’s that continue to protect my freedoms, all those single mothers struggling to manage a most honorable job, all those that may not eat today, all those that cherish a chance of a little shelter, all those living in fear of their tyrannical governments throughout the world…all those that may never know the just sense of working for a living and the good feeling of getting a well-deserved day off…the world may never be quite as fair for all but my life would be a lie if I didn’t show compassion…plain and simple.

02-12-13-My Morning Thoughts:

02-12-13-My Morning Thoughts: If the times changed so much from Bob Dylan’s first 25 years how could I possibly rate my changes from childhood till now? When I was a kid just about every grown-up could drive a stick-shift, all the neighbors new each other’s names, when you did something wrong punishment was a joint venture, swearing in public was at your own risk, if ya didn’t have a belt on…you got a belt…you didn’t go to school without a Twinkie, pop tart or ding dong, McDonalds was the family restaurant and we loved it, when a teacher or policeman said hold it right there young man…we froze, when ya did something wrong…YOU NEW IT WAS WRONG, most people held doors open for complete strangers, you got at least one full pillowcase of candy on Halloween, there were people in the stands at little league games that weren’t even related to anyone aaaaaaannnnnnnndddddd if you sucked…you ether practiced and got better or…you didn’t play aaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnndddddddd they kept score too!!...go figure…yes things change from each generation, some probably good, some probably not so good. My worry is, if the probably not so good change numbers continue to grow what will be left of all that is good…how will it all end up someday?...and by the way I taught both my boys how to drive stick-shift and my daughter asked me to teach her this summer…plain and simple.

02-11-13-My Morning Thoughts:

02-11-13-My Morning Thoughts: I’m beginning to be partial to these people on TV & radio that say “WE OUR” living in the time of wimping out America…every time somebody stubs a toe there’s 50 more regulations to try and prevent it from ever happening again! Get over it people…were all human and imperfect and we will make mistakes! Many while growing up and many as adults and many as parents and many as grandparents and Bla! Bla!! Bla!!! We cannot build a bubble around every person on the planet just for the fear that something might happen to them…its insane! Would it be fantastic if nothing ever went wrong…absol-F-N-utely! But it’s not realistic now is it? We do what we can…First of all, you take care of your own and spread out from there…no? Some things we absolutely must have screwed up first so we could move forward! It’s just the way things roll since the begging of our existence…I’m sorry, but it’s true. I have broken bones and scars all over to prove that you ether get smarter and wiser…or get more broken bones and stitches…hopefully we learn from our misfortunes and become greater because of them…if we don’t, why must we blame everybody else for old fashion stupidity…it’s just so exhausting anymore...all I’m really saying is be safe people and if some unfortunate thing happens to me because of my own doing…I’m not blaming everyone else…plain and simple.