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Larry Insana / Blog

06-28-13-My Morning Thoughts: simple things

06-28-13-My Morning Thoughts: The simple things in life? The simple things in life may not always be so simple…like working hard every day to try and pay ‘most’ of the bills, smiling at someone you know has it in for you, holding the door ‘again’ without an acknowledgement…well anyway its Friday and that means unwind and enjoy…have a great weekend and be safe people, while unwinding…plain and simple.

06-27-13-My Morning Thoughts:

06-27-13-My Morning Thoughts: I can tell you one thing for sure this fine morning…it’s Thursday…Thursday’s aren’t so bad though cause the work-week “end” is in sight. I have worked long enough to know that the days have become like Bill Murray’s movie Groundhog Day! Not exactly like it but you know what I mean. Sometime you just get stuck in a rut and it seems to deep to climb out!...but I do and we do and we move on to Friday!…can’t wait, hope everyone enjoys this great day…plain and simple.

06-26-13-My Morning Thoughts: “if not for music”

06-26-13-My Morning Thoughts: “if not for music” If I didn’t get turned on to great music from my older sister where would I be now? Maybe a Tiny Tim fan perhaps?...oh the pain just thinking about my life without all those fantastic years of unbelievable classic rock and roll!...can’t hear that well anymore but I still loved it!...plain and simple.

06-25-13-My Morning Thoughts: “The Greatest”

06-25-13-My Morning Thoughts: “The Greatest” Obviously the greatest Rock-n-Roll song of all time is Stairway to Heaven… but everyone knows that, right? I mean there can’t be any argument’s made that could possibly question the relevance of this rock masterpiece, correct? Who perhaps could not know the words and musical breaks in this song, an infant maybe?...now some might declare that there are other songs but I would need hard evidence for an opinion change of the greatest rock song of all time…get your headphones on…plain and simple.

06-24-13-My Morning Thoughts:

06-24-13-My Morning Thoughts: Did you ever have those mornings that you know there’s so much that has to be done that you don’t even want to start? Well I ask this question…what did you do 9 times out of 10 on those days? Buckle down and get it done…or…call in sick and put your head under the covers?...I know what I want to do today…but I won’t…have a great day everyone…plain and simple

06-21-13-My Morning Thoughts: FRIDAY!

06-21-13-My Morning Thoughts: FRIDAY! All you educated friends out there…how come Monday to Friday go so slowly and Friday to Sunday goes so fast? I really think we should be working 4 days a week at the most! Ok that’s it…I’m officially running for the president of the work week scheduling czar job!!!...what do ya think?...4 day work weeks! 4 day work weeks!...LOL…have a great safe weekend all and enjoy the time you have off…plain and simple.

06-20-13-My Morning Thoughts:

06-20-13-My Morning Thoughts: If there was ever a time in this mixed up world to share the love it’s now…just trying to comprehend all this news lately has given me one big headache! You said this, I didn’t say that, I meant this…bla bla bla…our government elected officials sound a lot like my grade schools days in the principal’s office…the main difference is I had detention and these guys get to go on extended breaks and vacation’s to chill for awhile…what a world…keep a smile on your face friends cause it’s still ‘your’ smile…plain and simple.

06-19-13-My Morning Thoughts: “1 or 2 days”

06-19-13-My Morning Thoughts: “1 or 2 days” I want to go back 35 years, just for a day or two; there are some things I’d like to change a little…there were a few punches I wish I hadn’t thrown, a couple of swear words at particularly sensitive times, an overly amount of indulgences I happen to partake in, a few things that may have come up missing…on second thought, one or two days back may not be enough…plain and simple.

06-18-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Troll Bridge”

06-18-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Troll Bridge” There was this old bridge across from Euclid Avenue above the Willow Arms area that we use to play on. All the older kids called it the “Troll Bridge” and told us youngsters that an old troll lived under the bridge. We did see this old troll from time to time and ran like hell every time!…looking back and knowing that this was probably a homeless person that was just a man that lived under the bridge because he had nowhere else to go…man all the food my mom use to make back then…why didn’t I ever ask him if he was hungry or needed anything…not one of my fondest adult memories thinking back to the childhood memory…I should have done something…plain and simple.

06-17-13-My Morning Thoughts:

06-17-13-My Morning Thoughts: I’m not a big gamer but I have been told a time or two that I play to many games…there is a difference…one you play and one plays you…plain and simple. PS: Happy Birthday to my son Bob…I am a lucky man to have a son like him…have a great day Bob and I love you…and thanks for planning that great weekend of camping for your brother’s bachelor party and us all…well done!