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Larry Insana / Blog

08-22-13-My Morning Thoughts:

08-22-13-My Morning Thoughts: In elementary school I was one of the fastest kid’s when it came to sprinting…at least’s that’s how I remember it…but what I remember most is walking everywhere!...walk to the drug store and buy some candy, walk to the movies and but some candy, walk to a friend’s house and fed some cupcakes…maybe all that walking wasn’t all that healthy back in the day come to think about it…but it sure taste good…plain and simple.

08-21-13-My Morning Thoughts: “MUSIC-real-MUSIC”

08-21-13-My Morning Thoughts: “MUSIC-real-MUSIC” Ok back to music…I need your opinion’s…what decade of the modern era (and by modern I mean…well I really don’t know what I mean) do you feel created the most artistic music and changed the world the most? Just a ten year span actually, it doesn’t have to be like the entire 80’s for instance but rather 85 to 95 if ya like, whatever ten years you feel strongly about…but make your case cause I got some great music lovers out there that know what they’re talking about…me personally, I pick 65 to 75…I feel the innovative styles, rhythms and lyrical phrases were detrimental in changing music forever…but that’s my opinion, what’s yours…plain and simple.

08-20-13-My Morning Thoughts:

08-20-13-My Morning Thoughts: All my opinionated minded friends guess what I saw on the news…there are people promoting food stamps. They are actually out on the street, handing pamphlets out to passers by showing them how to get food stamps and how to qualify even if they need them or not. The ironic thing is…they didn’t seem to be showing or promoting them in any of the neighborhoods that you might think they truly need them…these were people on their way to work, having lunch at the local Bistro and people stopping at the red light in their 2013 cars…it just caught my eye and I was wondering how somebody with a brand new car could qualify…or should they qualify…or is there another reason there being asked to qualify?...??…there is just so much over my head these days and it makes it hard to see the path…I will never be or have I ever been against helping those in need but it’s just insane to me that some people would take this help away from those who truly need it…WHY?!!!...plain and simple.

08-19-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Monday Counts”

08-19-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Monday Counts” If you have nothing you have nothing to lose right? WRONG! We all have something and we all have something to offer and we all have something to share…and I’m not talking about things I’m talking life experiences! Good experiences are wonderful but we still can learn from the tribulations too. We don’t have to learn by just ‘our’ mistakes we can learn from others …if ya have stories of life, which we all have, share them…you never know your story may have been the one that set someone on the straight and narrow…not everyone has to write about it but everyone should be talking about it…share your knowledge, I promise it won’t hurt…plain and simple.

08-16-13-My Morning Thoughts: “commonsense to me”

08-16-13-My Morning Thoughts: “commonsense to me” Hey all you guys or young men out there did anyone ever tell you that when you’re walking on a sidewalk with a girl that the man should always be on the traffic side to protect that girl? Or when you’re standing at a crosswalk with young children someone should be holding their hands? It seems kind a straight forward to me, but I see so many not doing this at all. I see much too often young mothers talking on the cell phones standing by the road with their kids running around everywhere! Now I know they love their children so why not show it? Why not show responsibility…and not just one time but every time! It makes no sense to me that something as easy as this isn’t commonsense…if ya see this in your neighborhoods feel free mention it…don’t demand it just suggest it, maybe you’ll prevent an accident…have a great weekend all and be safe…plain and simple.

08-15-13-My Morning Thoughts: “kick-the-can”

08-15-13-My Morning Thoughts: “kick-the-can” I still think kick-the-can was the best game ever! It had all the essentials of all the great games. Physical activity, team work, strategy, second chances, and you only needed a street/field and a can!...not a PC, cell phone, TV, ball, video game, or anything but some kids that want to play together on a hot summer night…plain and simple.

08-14-13-My Morning Thoughts: “HOW TO MANUAL”

08-14-13-My Morning Thoughts: “HOW TO MANUAL” We learn so much growing up although I’m sure we forgot so much just the same. I’m wondering if all the good things learned should have been written in a “how to” manual or something? Can you imagine if everyone was at least taught once the differences between good and bad, how to treat your elders, why you don’t talk with your mouth full, how swearing isn’t always cool, why you should respect your teachers (even the ones you don’t like or don’t like you), why men should open the doors for women, or sometimes when you know your right it’s best to keep your mouth shut, and all the basic do’s and don’ts of the world…I must say, I would of bought a copy and probably handed it down like the old family Bibles…plain and simple.

08-13-13-My Morning Thoughts:

08-13-13-My Morning Thoughts: I am definitely the king of my castle (in my own mind), yet fortunately, it gives me great pleasure in saying, the queen has many more moves…plain and simple.

08-12-13-My Morning Thoughts:

08-12-13-My Morning Thoughts: Half full, half empty…we all heard it before. Why can’t it just be three quarters full or a quarter empty to make it so much easier? We are either going to do something or we are not…but more importantly when we do something we should do it right and that will end all arguments or any confusion right there. I would much rather take an extra minute and get it done right than run around like a fool and forget something or do something wrong that I have to go back too and correct later…I remember in the early years when I was taught how to mow the lawn by my father he would always say check the easiest thing first if you have a problem. You know like, is there gas in the mower! The reason it comes to mind is the first time I ever used that excuse that the mower wouldn’t start, guess what the first thing he asked me was…did you check the gas! Uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh…no…so how do ya thing that ended? Dad, went over checked the gas, filled up the gas, and pulled it once and vroom vroom vroom…well I imagine there was three vroom’s…I barely got to hear the first vroom!...anyway, I continually try to do things the best I can and when problems arise I check the simplest part first…an awfully good lessoned learned I must say…plain and simple.

08-09-13-My Morning Thoughts:

08-09-13-My Morning Thoughts: There is no time like yesterday…hope you didn’t miss out on that time…but if ya did, make up for it today by being extra friendly…have a great weekend all, be safe and enjoy…plain and simple.