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Larry Insana / Blog

12-13-13-My Morning Thoughts: Friday

12-13-13-My Morning Thoughts: Friday Everyone has struggled at some point in life. It’s never perfect and surely not always easy though we seem to get through it one way or another. I tell ya, when I hear of other’s hard times that dwarf my struggles of the day, the perspective just swings back in place like a sling-shot…it’s a shame that other peoples trials and tribulations have to slap me in the face to realize how lucky I am sometimes. I would imagine several have had some kind of trepidation when it comes to others misfortunes with questions of how can those things happen to anyone but clandestinely feeling uncomfortable because it’s not us, but deep down we all know it could have been us at anytime. I believe there are no guaranties in life and you do the best you can to live life like you know that, it’s just a way of me trying to remind myself of how life is limited and not to waste too much of it you know…anyway, moments are extremely precious and I pray that I use mine as such…everyone have a great weekend and remember we can get through most anything…and we absolutely can…together…plain and simple.

12-12-13-My Morning Thoughts: ?

12-12-13-My Morning Thoughts: ? In one split instant the world can change completely. There are a billion reasons out there that can change everything we’ve been taught instantaneously! How hard would it be to start over again? Who would survive? The toughest maybe, the smartest maybe? Some may not even want to start over?...one thing seems clear this fine chilly December morning…something will inevitably start over somewhere...and they better get along with Keith Richards, cause he will still be here so I’m told…LOL…plain and simple.

12-11-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Coffee Shortage”

12-11-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Coffee Shortage” “There is one chance to get it right, all other attempts are wrong”…does that statement make any sense at all? I won’t tell where I got this but to me its nuts! First of all a “chance” is a possibility and a possibility leaves an opportunity to try again until you get it right I would think, right?...which makes the second part of this sentence even crazier to me because all the other attempts are chances or possibilities until they’re wrong or right…right?...I guess what I’m trying to get to here is without attempting to get something right (no matter how long it takes) we would become a stagnant mess in my mind and we would quit after failure which would get us nowhere fast…I have an idea but I’m not positively sure where I’m going with this today, sometimes it just comes out flowing like a mudslide…S.O.S…should be N.M.C…need more coffee…plain and simple.

12-10-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Is It Real”

12-10-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Is It Real” I’m not an economics person by any means, but I was told yesterday that the deficit is a façade and is really nothing to worry about at all…this is the fuzzy math part that I wish I could use at my household!...let’s see, we borrow money that really isn’t there, we pay interest on that borrowed money with money that’s worth less than the numbers printed on them, we take in revenue witch is less money than we owe…aaaaannnnnnnnd…nobody seems to care!…this sounds like a great party to me! I might just run for congress!...the only problem with that is I would have to be there the rest of my life probably because…there aint no term limits!...plain and simple.

12-09-13-My Morning Thoughts: “and the world will live as one”

12-09-13-My Morning Thoughts: “and the world will live as one” On December 8th 1980 John Lennon was murdered. I was and still am a huge Beatles fan and John was my favorite. Through the years they have probably all been my favorites from time to time but John was number one to me back in the day. As I get older and think about why I enjoyed the music so much it probably wasn’t just the music, it was the entire package. Wit, style, freewheeling…I mean who was cooler than John Lennon during an interview? He held nothing back; he said what he felt even if it got him (or them) in a bad light…Even in my small world I sometime hold back what I truly feel to prevent the uneasiness of an argument…but John, in front of millions, called-em like he saw em!...that’s a lot of cockiness and balls of confidence to be sure! Anyway, fan or not…he did make a statement during his short 40 years on earth and that’s tough to dispute and for me, hard to forget…PEACE…plain and simple.

12-06-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Another Day”

12-06-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Another Day” What a difference a day makes. When we do get a chance to really stop and smell those roses its well worth it! Life is at times…like a rat race and I guess most get wrapped up in it at one time or another. Searching for answers, wondering why me, is this all there is type of stuff. But when you really look at the wondrous things offered to us each and every day, it is quite astonishing. Simple things sometime do mean the most and if nothing else puts the big picture in clear perspective. Watching children play, the changing of seasons, a text from your family…ya just wonderful simple moments in life like that you know…hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and grabs one of those moments in life for yourself…plain and simple.

12-05-13-My Morning Thoughts: “BLA”

12-05-13-My Morning Thoughts: “BLA” Some mornings I just think about one of the last songs John Lennon ever recorded…”Nobody Told Me There’d Be Days Like These”…man that guy sure knew how to hit a mood…hope all your days aren’t like this one looks like…no prayers needed just aint starting out very well is all…it will get better I’m sure…plain and simple.

12-04-13-My Morning Thoughts: WHAT?

12-04-13-My Morning Thoughts: WHAT? There are many times I’m sure, we all just wonder, how the heck that happened. From the big upsets in sports to the guy that got the promotion at work that you never saw working! Anyway, it keeps this crazy life interesting don’t it…plain and simple.

12-03-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Bias News”

12-03-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Bias News” Weather I’m a mainstream media guy follower or not it’s not hard to see that the coverage is generally bias to say the least. Not to say the cable networks isn’t bias also…but if you notice lately most cable news stations are becoming more and more like Fox news these days from what I gather. They all seem to be formatting there back and forth jargon with both side’s independents and even libertarians so they can have the other opinion right on the spot. I wonder if it’s because that Fox news network is always number one year after year in the rankings. I know if I wasn’t number one I would be trying to figure it out too…matter of fact I’m still trying to figure this out and I aint even in the news media…I sure wish they all would just report the facts and have to start each statement with “the source” like they use too…plain and simple.

12-02-13-My Morning Thoughts: NOT SHOPPING ANYMORE!

12-02-13-My Morning Thoughts: NOT SHOPPING ANYMORE! Both my grandfathers use to give us grandkids like 5 bucks CASH for a Christmas gift…man did they have the right idea or what!...no shopping!!...plain and simple.