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10-05-12- My Morning thoughts:

10-05-12- My Morning thoughts: You know guys, my new overused saying lately has been ‘it is what it is’…it kind of helps me get through things that I can’t completely understand or can’t seem to get a straight answer on. It’s an effective line if ya think about it cause it has no definitive meaning really…it’s just a blurb to go with the flow, relatively speaking…if I wish not to confront I can say ‘it is what it is’…if I like an idea I can say ‘it is what it is’…it works with almost anything to avoid any real answers or real troubles… so may I say in closing…‘it is what it is’…though I do wish you all a fantastic weekend…plain and simple.

10-04-12- My Morning thoughts:

10-04-12- My Morning thoughts: My house insurance went up! My property tax went up! BUT, while applying for a loan (to help cover my kid’s college education that went up to BTW) the bank told me my house value went down like 60 grand with their new appraisal! 60 grand!!! How is this so? Once again it makes no sense at all! We are trying to do everything right, me and the wife go to work every day, pay our bills in a reasonable time, take care of our family and home but it appears I’m doing something wrong somehow…remember that “tent” I talked about last week? Well it may be coming faster than I thought!...plain and simple.

10-03-12- My Morning thoughts:

10-03-12- My Morning thoughts: Obviously I’m not perfect, just ask my wife, but in my mind whether learned or retained by youthful osmosis…I do know some things. Not really important things but just things. Like the Beatles wrote 212 songs, OJ Simpson was the first running back to run for 2000 yards in a season, if you rub the blood root plant on a mosquito bite or poison Ivey it helps, don’t eat yellow, never start ( I didn’t start it, ha, ha) a fight with five guys when your all alone, when you light a cigarette don’t put the lit side in your mouth, the oceans cover 75% of the earth…see not real important things, but things just the same…well the five guys in a fight thing was kind a important to know, after the fact unfortunately…plain and simple.

10-02-12- My Morning thoughts:

10-02-12- My Morning thoughts: Keeping it real, I have but one thought in my little mind today…I want my banana bicycle back from the late 60’s! I thought that was the coolest bike ever and now it’s just a faded memory and/or possibly still rusting by the railroad tracks where Chase Brass use to be…plain and simple.

10-01-12- My Morning Thoughts:

10-01-12- My Morning Thoughts: Why do I not remove the bag on the lawnmower while the engines running? Commonsense…when I was burned by something hot as a child why didn’t I continue to grab hot things? Learned commonsense…when my parents said look both ways before crossing the street, eventually I learned it’s just commonsense! Some thing’s, I learned the hard way for one reason or another...........so when gas rises from $1.82 to $3.89 and the deficit rises 6 trillion more dollars and more of our military were killed in Afghanistan in the last 4 years than the 8 previous years combined and the price of war went from $20 billion in 2001 to $118 billion in 2012 and college tuition rose 25% in the last 4 years and none of this is on the news anymore…where is my commonsense! How do I change this? If I believe that it will get better just sitting back and waiting for it to get better I didn’t learn my lesson very well did I?…anything can be angled toward any direction but how did they break my “commonsense”… “Digging it up here boss, yaaaa digging up Luke”…plain and simple.

09-28-12- My Morning Thoughts:

09-28-12- My Morning Thoughts: I was thinking about the old cliché (s) and wives tails I heard and/or was taught while growing up and I was trying to figure out if there still used today? Remember; don’t step on a crack or you ‘ell break your mothers back? If you keep doing that your face will stay like that forever? An apple a day keeps the doctor away? It’s as hot as hell? Getting up at the crack of dawn? That’s the best thing since sliced bread? Don't put all your eggs in one basket? Every cloud has a silver lining? Don't let any grass grow under your feet? Don't make a mountain out of a molehill? Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn sometimes? Every dog has his day? Old as dirt? Oh this was one of my favorites (invented) by my mom…LOL: your room looks like a pig sty!...have a great weekend everyone and be safe…plain and simple.

09-27-12- My Morning Thoughts:

09-27-12- My Morning Thoughts: If I love everyone right now with all my heart, at this specific moment in time for the next 60 seconds…do you think when my 60 seconds is up there could still be someone that used that 60 seconds to find a way to hate me or will they show me the love?...let’s see…1…2…3…4…plain and simple.

09-26-12- My Morning Thoughts:

09-26-12- My Morning Thoughts: Are we really having a great time if in the middle of the great time someone starts texting how great a time were having to someone else? Cause if it is truly a great time why would you stop the truly great time to text the truly great time before that truly great time was over? Not sure on this one but you can give me your answer here you don’t have to text me on this one…LOL…plain and simple.

09-25-12- My Morning Thoughts:

09-25-12- My Morning Thoughts: Today is my favorite day ever…but if I’m here tomorrow that will be my newest “best best” favorite day I’m guessing…plan and simple.

09-24-12- My Morning Thoughts:

09-24-12- My Morning Thoughts: Listen everyone, I’m in love! My wife and I are pretty simple when it comes to wanting new things and we try and manage with the old stuff as long as possible before we ‘save’ up for the new things. We don’t need much to enjoy our life together and like I told her the other day while driving to see our daughter…I said Carrie, I wouldn’t care if all we had was a tent to live in the rest of our days because that would be just fine with me as long as your by my side…plain and simple.