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Larry Insana / Blog

08-30-13-My Morning Thoughts: “E-MAIL WARS”

08-30-13-My Morning Thoughts: “E-MAIL WARS” Did ya ever think you would be involved with something called an e-mail war? Well maybe you haven’t but they can get pretty dicey at times if you’re ever in one. They normally start out kind-a easy and low keyed and then BAM! They drop a line right in your face…I always wonder, if it was back in the day, and they were really standing in front of my face if they would have said it a little different…you know, they know that I can’t smack em a-top-side-there-head through the internet…plain and simple.

08-29-13-My Morning Thoughts:

08-29-13-My Morning Thoughts: You know, I should be really messed up…some of my childhood idols…OJ Simpson (prison), Pete Rose (banned), Jimi Hendrix (OD) and so many more I could list…thank God I idolized their talents a tad more than their extracurricular activities…plain and simple.

08-28-13-My Morning Thoughts: “LIFE”

08-28-13-My Morning Thoughts: “LIFE” Who out there has lived the life they expected since childhood? Anyone? You know all the dreams came to fruition, the house you always wanted to live in and you live there, the perfect mate to share it with…most would probably say no to similar questions…I would think…but I say, just having the family and friends that have been in my life means more than any early expectations I might have had! Sometime I just have to slow down a bit and take a second to appreciate what I had and what I have and what will always mean the most…the family and friends that have always been there…enjoying those moments whenever possible gets me through any type of day I’m having…thanks folks…plain and simple.

08-27-13-My Morning Thoughts:

08-27-13-My Morning Thoughts: I can’t recall and yes I’ve tried this fine morning…the name of that late show that was on channel 61 (I think) back in the day. Crazy host, stupid skits, bad movies…that I watched anyway…too early for me or something today and brain is slower than normal…plain and simple.

08-26-13-My Morning Thoughts:

08-26-13-My Morning Thoughts: I have but one time around and that time around is but once…SO WHY AINT I SINGING RIGHT NOW!...oh ya, I got to get to work…bummer…have a great day all…plain and simple.

08-23-13-My Morning Thoughts:

08-23-13-My Morning Thoughts: Can ya think back a little and remember saying things like…wow your 30 years old…your really old. Well time fly’s and it’s hard to imagine just how fast sometime! I was strolling down the memory lane section in my confused mind just trying to recall all the people I met along the way…that’s a lot of people! I mean the early baseball teams and elementary school and junior high and high school and college and work and neighbor’s and relatives and on and on and on!...and of course all of you fine people count now too!…well anyway, it’s been my pleasure…have a great weekend all and be safe…plain and simple.

PS: if you’re in town I will be playing at “Sticks” tonight starting at 7PM. Its located in Euclid at the Briardale golf course…hope to see you there and thank you one and all for all your support…

08-22-13-My Morning Thoughts:

08-22-13-My Morning Thoughts: In elementary school I was one of the fastest kid’s when it came to sprinting…at least’s that’s how I remember it…but what I remember most is walking everywhere!...walk to the drug store and buy some candy, walk to the movies and but some candy, walk to a friend’s house and fed some cupcakes…maybe all that walking wasn’t all that healthy back in the day come to think about it…but it sure taste good…plain and simple.

08-21-13-My Morning Thoughts: “MUSIC-real-MUSIC”

08-21-13-My Morning Thoughts: “MUSIC-real-MUSIC” Ok back to music…I need your opinion’s…what decade of the modern era (and by modern I mean…well I really don’t know what I mean) do you feel created the most artistic music and changed the world the most? Just a ten year span actually, it doesn’t have to be like the entire 80’s for instance but rather 85 to 95 if ya like, whatever ten years you feel strongly about…but make your case cause I got some great music lovers out there that know what they’re talking about…me personally, I pick 65 to 75…I feel the innovative styles, rhythms and lyrical phrases were detrimental in changing music forever…but that’s my opinion, what’s yours…plain and simple.

08-20-13-My Morning Thoughts:

08-20-13-My Morning Thoughts: All my opinionated minded friends guess what I saw on the news…there are people promoting food stamps. They are actually out on the street, handing pamphlets out to passers by showing them how to get food stamps and how to qualify even if they need them or not. The ironic thing is…they didn’t seem to be showing or promoting them in any of the neighborhoods that you might think they truly need them…these were people on their way to work, having lunch at the local Bistro and people stopping at the red light in their 2013 cars…it just caught my eye and I was wondering how somebody with a brand new car could qualify…or should they qualify…or is there another reason there being asked to qualify?...??…there is just so much over my head these days and it makes it hard to see the path…I will never be or have I ever been against helping those in need but it’s just insane to me that some people would take this help away from those who truly need it…WHY?!!!...plain and simple.

08-19-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Monday Counts”

08-19-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Monday Counts” If you have nothing you have nothing to lose right? WRONG! We all have something and we all have something to offer and we all have something to share…and I’m not talking about things I’m talking life experiences! Good experiences are wonderful but we still can learn from the tribulations too. We don’t have to learn by just ‘our’ mistakes we can learn from others …if ya have stories of life, which we all have, share them…you never know your story may have been the one that set someone on the straight and narrow…not everyone has to write about it but everyone should be talking about it…share your knowledge, I promise it won’t hurt…plain and simple.