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Larry Insana / Blog

03-21-14-My Morning Thoughts: Bad Thing?

03-21-14-My Morning Thoughts: Bad Thing? Sorry people just don’t work like they use too. Normally today any job you may have, you’re afforded the tools to complete the task at hand. Is it the best tools or the newest tools, not always but there usually better than just hands! I’ve seen those old pictures of iron workers just jumping from beam to beam hundreds of feet in the air without any Fall Protection…and coal miners coming out of mines with nothing but black faces and yellow canaries instead of gas monitors like today…ya we have much to be thankful for when it comes to the leaps and bounds of how far safety equipment has come in this day and age for sure!...but if you did have to turn it around and go back before all these technical advancements, how many people could do what they did back in the day?...gives me something to ponder while being grateful I’m still working…have a great weekend all and be glad your work day, although not always perfect, is safer than it ever was…plain and simple.

03-20-14-My Morning Thoughts: “?????”

03-20-14-My Morning Thoughts: “?????” It’s “funny” how some people make assumptions…these morning thoughts have been going on for more than 2 years and there is some discomfort at times when I make a remark of the politicians in power the last 5 years or so…but remember this, at some point there will be discomfort and opinionated remarks when the other party (s) in power too…well that’s if the other party ever gets back in power again…I calls-em-likes-i-sees-em whomever may be in there…if there good then that’s good, if there bad then that’s bad, if there just mediocre then that’s just not good enough in my eye…plain and simple.

03-19-14-My Morning Thoughts: Maybe?

03-19-14-My Morning Thoughts: Maybe? How is everyone this fine morning? I hope this day is a wonderful day all around the world…I wonder if there can ever be a day or even a specific ‘moment’ in time that everyone could just…get along…I’m always willing to try…let me know if you’re ready, cause I’m in!…hit the LIKE button if you’re interested in getting along…plain and simple.

03-18-14-My Morning Thoughts:

03-18-14-My Morning Thoughts: Remember these?…”If, is the middle word in life”…”don’t ever assume anything, that way you don’t make an ass-out-of-u-or me”…hey I need some new ones those are really old??????...help out a brother here…plain and simple.

03-17-14-My Morning Thoughts: Skinny?...NOT!

03-17-14-My Morning Thoughts: Skinny?...NOT! Let’s see now…my brother-in-law is a chef, my nephew is a chef, my son’s girl friend of 5 years is a chef, my other brother-in-law cooks like a chef and his wife does too, my mother-in-law and father-in-law cook like chefs, and my mother…well…could have been the best chef in the world!...moral of the story…aint no way on god’s green earth that I will ever be skinny again!…but I’m happy…everyone have a wonderful safe St Patrick’s Day…plain and simple.

03-14-14-My Morning Thoughts: “one of my old forgotten songs”

03-14-14-My Morning Thoughts: “one of my old forgotten songs” “There’s a morning shining light that touches her face oh just right and it sets me free like an angle in flight every morning. First cup of coffee and she’s there with me, packing my lunch and sharing with me as gentle smile says…last night was wonderful. Oh I look at her and see…just how good love can be…and her love is all I need…She’s got a beautiful way with words she tells me I’m wrong without letting me hurt, as I hold her in my arms and tell her I’m sorry. Oh I look at her and see…just how good love can be…and her love is all I need”…….what do ya think, should I finish this one?... Have a great weekend all…plain and simple.

03-12-14-My Morning Thoughts: “the old dress code”

03-12-14-My Morning Thoughts: “the old dress code” There wasn’t much of a dress code when I was going to school but at times “the powers that be” did flex a little authority here and there. I remember one time I got sent home from school (which was 5 miles up hill both ways…LOL) for wearing my brand new pair of cowboy boots. When I got home my mother was not a happy camper! She said get in the car, drove back to school and walked right into the principal’s office…I’ll never forget this because I wasn’t sure what was coming out next…when she said to the principal…you sent my son home from school for wearing brand new cowboy boots? And the principal said, yes Mrs. Insana boots are not allowed…then my mother pointed to the several holes in my Levis and the tear in my t-shirt and said…don’t you think you sent him home for the wrong reason!...Mom always tells it like it is…plain and simple.

03-11-14-My Morning Thoughts: Alert The Media!

03-11-14-My Morning Thoughts: Alert The Media! Oh no!...Yes, I have run out of things to say this fine morning…I wonder if this is how Forest Gump felt when he just stopped running?...or how Dorothy felt when she found out she could just tap those ruby shoes 3 times and she was home?…or how Nixon felt when he became the first president to resign the presidency?…or how Einstein felt when he flunked algebra?… or how Martin Charles Scorsesse felt the first 7 times he didn’t win the best director Oscar?…or…I guess I did have something to say today…LOL…have a great day all…plain and simple.

03-10-14-My Morning Thoughts: Just Once!

03-10-14-My Morning Thoughts: Just Once! Do you remember that scene in “Good Will Hunting” when Will (the guy from nowhere) just literally out schools that ‘Harvard intellectual’ in the bar?...now tell me you wouldn’t love to be him if not just for one moment in time!...great movie…have a great Monday all…plain and simple.

03-07-14 My Morning Thoughts: “Global Warming”

03-07-14 My Morning Thoughts: “Global Warming” Since I’m a very scientific person (ya right) who has been trained in the atmospheric pressure field of feeling sub-zero temperature precipitation for almost an entire……3 months now, I’m here to tell ya…there aint NO global warming cause I’m still freezing in Cleveland!!!!...however it is supposed to warm up today…have a wonderful safe weekend all!...plain and simple.