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12-12-12-My Morning Thoughts:

12-12-12-My Morning Thoughts: Not a big lottery guy but do you think anyone might play a combination of 12-12-12 today? Just wondering…wouldn’t it be funny if it came out though and none of us played it...you know I think I just might go put a dollar on that one today…and since the world is ending should we party like its 1999…I was a lot younger then...hey what are you guys doing on your last day?...plain and simple.

12-10-12-My Morning Thoughts:

12-10-12-My Morning Thoughts: How many times can we do something wrong? How many chances should we get to start over? How many mistakes have to be made before we stop making the same mistake again and again? How many free passes do each of us get?...I hope you’re not waiting on an answer to this one cause I have no clue…made many, learned from some, didn’t learn a thing from others…but I forge on and try and do the best I can…plain and simple.

12-07-12-My Morning Thoughts:

12-07-12-My Morning Thoughts: If I only had one life to live I would absolutely undoubtedly do everything different…nah, just kidding…wouldn’t change a thing…have a great weekend and don’t take any wooden nickels my friends…plain and simple.

12-06-12-My Morning Thoughts:

12-06-12-My Morning Thoughts: Why do you suppose some friends are friends for life and some drift away into thin air, or so it seems? I tend to question why some people are attracted to each other more than others. We are all people and we all have the basic needs for survival, never the less, some just don’t get along. You ‘ell always have the strong and weak, rich and poor, good and bad, but there’s never an identifiable perfect “X factor” that makes the unreasonable coincide with the reasonable…or vice-a-versa…We have innate qualities handed down to us and learned qualities that we collect along the way but why do some things stick and some slip away? Commonly I like everyone because I know the many faults I have has not stopped everyone yet from enjoying my friendship and if people continue to give me there time and effort I believe it’s only fitting to oblige them back. Anyway, to have friends one must be friendly so…hi friends…plain and simple.

12-04-12-My Morning Thoughts:

12-04-12-My Morning Thoughts: Not into the big religion debate but I do have a concern…why is one group allowed to protest a religious event to the extreme of having it removed or banned yet the non-religious group still has the backing of freedom of speech to ban something? Somewhat peculiar don’t ya think?…is it really that offensive to people if they drive by a reenactment of…saaaaaaay…baby Jesus? Will mothers and fathers slam on the breaks and turn down the street-before while covering their children’s eyes and say things like oh my goodness don’t look children there’s some kind of religious thing on the lawn over there!!!…REALLY…Jesus was a good guy, so I was told, with or without the religious connotations…how you perceive it or believe it is up to the individual! In saying that I know we “all” have the right to protest and state our opinion on other religions or non religions because…well…it’s our right. However, when we infringe on others to the point that they can’t enjoy their rights it’s gone too far from the original argument…don’t want to pray when someone is praying…Don’t! Don’t want to say Merry Christmas when someone says Merry Christmas…Don’t!...how hard is that? and yes, while I’m on the subject, it is a Christmas tree in December when you hang lights on it and put little Johnny’s kindergarten (handmade with teacher) ornament on it, forget the religious part if that doesn’t float your boat, but please don’t forget the feeling of good will to your brothers and sisters cause in the end, that’s what matters don’t you think? For a short moment in time ‘most’ actually get along…plus, I enjoy the day off!!...plain and simple.

12-03-12-My Morning Thoughts:

12-03-12-My Morning Thoughts: Yes I know I have said some stupid things but haven’t we all? When trying to recover from a mishap or Freudian slip, as they say, it’s sometimes puts us in a precarious spot. Do we try and talk our way out? Do we just sit quietly hoping it passes without conflict? Do we pretend that we didn’t say it and hope that it wasn’t heard by anyone? Well, there are many methods of squeezing out of it but time after time it’s probably best to admit we made a slip…maybe the hardest conclusion but probably the best in the long run…nobody’s perfect, indisputably not me as you all know by now…plain and simple.

11-30-12-My Morning Thoughts:

11-30-12-My Morning Thoughts: Explain this please: if it takes “180 million dollars per hour” to run our government and we raise the taxes on those that make 250 thousand and more, which would generate enough money to pay for 8.5 DAYS of the cost of government according to CNN last night…did I hear this right or what? And if so could it really be that important? How is this cliff so treacherous if that’s all there gaining from the tax? I would think that this cliff would need more than is being offered or a better way to generate the needed cash. Fox said 2 nights ago that if Warren Buffet (the 3rd richest in the world, worth 45 billion) would give every penny he has to the government it would pay for 4 days of government cost. Sorry guys this is not a plan its stupidity! I would think they need a long term fiscal plan with something that cuts waste and grows more jobs! How about this, stop all the loop-holes first and see how much that generates revenue!!!!!!!!!! I wasn’t a big fan…but ‘9-9-9’ is making sense about now, though it probably should be more like ‘12-13- or 14’ to really put a dent in this mess!……………………………..OK, I’m slowing down now……….………I still love Fridays!!!!!!!!!! I hope I have time this weekend to spend some of it with the family and friends…it’s what I truly love best and recommend highly!!!!!!!!!…be safe all and enjoy the weekend…plain and simple.

11-28-12-My Morning Thoughts:

11-28-12-My Morning Thoughts: I must say in this economy it’s hard to believe that so many people still come late to work and call in sick so often…my father worked for like 25 years and only missed work when he was knocked down a 30 foot shaft and broke his neck…a hair one way and he would have paralyzed, a hair the other way, dead…back to work in three months and worked another 30 years without missing a day…don’t make em like that anymore…and BTW…he never filed a workers comp claim…plain and simple.

My Morning Thoughts: 11-26-12

My Morning Thoughts: 11-26-12 Today you get my honest heart felt words as I have tried to do day in and day out. I’m wishy washy so often cause my brain seems to leak out more conservative thoughts these days though my heart is still more liberal. My true concern however lingers with the political scene being that it’s continuously about the politics…not the people! There’s an over emphasis on getting elected letting the true reason (s) never come to the forefront and although I do believe we enable many by ‘giving out’ instead of finding a common denominator of ‘leading out’…much to my dismay, and unfortunately the path well-traveled as of late is not totally working from my vantage point. There will only be so many hours in a day in each and every one of our lives that make a difference so choosing our time wisely can only mean (in the big scheme of things) are you with us or against us. I choose to be with us simply because the latter is a negative connotation that moves us nowhere but in the uneasy misleading direction of reverse. Now is a day of disconcerting diabolical and most-likely continual division between the masses that I never would have envisioned at this point in my life…50% one way and 50% the other. Nonetheless, unfortunately we have reached that Plato…and in my opinion…if I may be forthright, it hurts! It hurts within my soul that human beings can’t agree on what’s best for their own humanity without conveniently packaging personal gain, conspiracy like compromise and the holier-than-now-blame-game to achieve their political power! ‘We’, assume that the people in charge are there for ‘us’ even though the machine breaks down if that were true. It just will not work without us. Those who are ruling and or wish to rule the world couldn’t survive for 24 hours without us! And in case you hadn’t noticed…they know this!... The working ants (that’s most of us) oil the big picture weather it’s seen by all or not, and without us, there is no them. So why do we continue to grease their gears? Why do we continue to follow blindly? Why do we sit apart when we should be standing as one? Is the comfort zone that nudges us back to complacency really that comfortable? Can it be that hard to take that last step into the unknown for the betterment of ALL-KIND? My deep thoughts today say yes it is comfort-ability that chains us down…however, in my most authentic judgment; I believe it will never truly…keep us down…plain and simple.

11-22-12-My Morning Thoughts:

11-22-12-My Morning Thoughts: Thanksgiving may possibly mean different things to each and everyone of us. To me, I’m thankful for many parts of my life. Mainly, I’m thankful for all the family and friends that have come before me or touched my life in a positive way. There have been many times that I may have made a wrong turn here or there but someone was smart enough to slap me across the head and point me back in the right direction…to those of you out there that have accomplished this seeming insurmountable task at times…I thank you…and I wish you all a great day of thanksgiving…plain and simple.

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