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Larry Insana / Blog

08-21-14-My Morning Thoughts: Music or Words?

08-21-14-My Morning Thoughts: Music or Words? Over the years and years of listening to music whenever the question came up on which is more important, music or words, I always would reply; if you have some good words and it goes with some good music and people like the song what’s the difference which is more important…I know there’s an awful lot of songs with very few words or repeating words throughout the song that have been extremely successful. On the other end of that you might say there have been songs with a seamlessly endless amount of words with simple amounts of music that have been equally successful. Which is more important? Which side is right? Is there even a right answer?...its art anyway and sometimes you just have to let art flow over you an appreciate it at that moment. Some days I like music better and some days I like words so the most important part to me is which hits the mood at that specific moment in time and I would call that moment, my favorite…plain and simple.

08-20-14-My Morning Thoughts: Kick-The-Can?

08-20-14-My Morning Thoughts: Kick-The-Can? I’m somewhat confused, as normal. When I played kick the can, the can was home base and the other team tried to get to it before you tagged them, and once you tagged them they were in jail until their teammates could get to the can and kick, so they were freed??? Did they change the rules or was I playing it incorrectly? I saw these kids actually trying to play this game the other day but they were playing more of a keep away type of game…well anyway, I guess I’m glad they were OUTSIDE trying to play something because little do they know it, those days come and go so quickly!...enjoy…plain and simple.

08-19-14-My Morning Thoughts: A little Sad

08-19-14-My Morning Thoughts: A little Sad The new polls say (and this is the big poll takers) that 75% of the parents feel that they will “not” be able to leave their children better off than they had it. This hurts me tremendously and that’s all I can say about that!...except, I’m still trying…plain and simple.

08-18-14-My Morning Thoughts:

08-18-14-My Morning Thoughts: At what age do parents not have to wake up their children in the morning? Is there a specific age? Maybe after college, maybe after they get there first full time job, maybe we should get them an alarm clock while there still in grade school? I don’t know, I use to love when my mom got me up in the morning to get going and make my lunch…maybe that’s where this whole thing started?...GET UP ITS MONDAY!!...plain and simple.

08-15-14-My Morning Thoughts: “OUR” DEFICIT

08-15-14-My Morning Thoughts: “OUR” DEFICIT I’m paraphrasing from an e-mail I received from a friend with this unique look at the deficit; if you come home from a long day at work and your house is full of sewage from the basement to the ceiling, do you raise the ceiling or start pumping out the sewage…please have a great safe weekend all…plain and simple

08-14-14-My Morning Thoughts: to deep yesterday???

08-14-14-My Morning Thoughts: to deep yesterday??? That was way too deep for my head yesterday and slightly more aggressive than I’ve written recently. When I right my morning thoughts, at times, It’s like traversing an unknown path in the woods…I never know the direction of the path ahead until I get there…hoping for an easier summit today…plain and simple.

08-13-14-My Morning Thoughts:

08-13-14-My Morning Thoughts: More than often we are a product of our stomping grounds. The town we grew up, who we hung out with, family involvement, even some of the food we ate made somewhat of an indelible foot print on our lives…If you’re excluded from diversity your opinions may differ from someone who was raised in a very diverse circumstance. If you’ve grown up ignorant of injustice sheltered from poverty how can you be accountable for injustices…however, equally in these modern times accustomed to real time media everywhere we look the ignorance card is wearing mightily thin. There is a point or should be a point when your actions graduate to the perceptive basics of right and wrong or at minimum hopefully realizing when you’ve witnessed something wrong. At that point, any lack of actions, graduates you to the non-ignorance status, which at that point, is pathetic!...because if you know better, then be better…plain and simple.

08-12-14-My Morning Thoughts:

08-12-14-My Morning Thoughts: I walked in the streets, I rode bicycles in the streets…but I was smart enough to know that cars were bigger and more powerful than me at a very early age and I got out of the way! I wore hooded sweat shirts, I wore torn blue jeans and t-shirts…but if I knew crazy people were targeting people with blue jean bell bottoms back in the day I may have revisited my clothing choices. Now some say it’s our right to do how we please and wear the cloths we want as long as don’t offend and I happen to agree with that and I would also ad as long as were not infringing on others…however, it’s also a parent’s right or duty or responsibility to try and keep their children out of harm’s way to the best of their ability!...parenting never ends…good parenting never ever ends!…very good parenting absolutely never ever ever ends!...plain and simple.

08-11-14-My Morning Thoughts: Leaders...

08-11-14-My Morning Thoughts: Leaders... Generalization-1: So if you believe in freedom, working hard, taking care of your family, helping others that need help, trying to do the right thing, generally pro-life, more of a traditionalist, a strong military and smaller government you “may” lean more towards the right at times… Generalization-2: thereto if you believe in freedom, working hard, taking care of your family, helping others that need help, trying to do the right thing, generally pro-choice, equality, a smaller military and larger government you “may” lean more towards the left at times…notice, both believe in many of the same things to be sure and all should remember one basic tool that we all need to believe in to allow such opinions and many shared aspirations to continue…and that is called Freedom!……Great leaders, truly great leaders don’t just accommodate to their ideological base, they lead in a manner that those that may have differences still can follow. Is there a “perfect” leader, I think that would be unrealistic to ask because it’s partially their trials and tribulations that help ascend them to the level of leader…are some better than others, yes, do we know when they are great leaders while their leading, not nearly enough. Normally history proves these things…here’s to the great leaders whomever you may be and some great future followers that have a sense of when to compromise!…if we can’t work together then it’s because were working too hard to be apart…plain and simple.

08-08-14-My Morning Thoughts: “Sticks Bar and Grill Tonight”

08-08-14-My Morning Thoughts: “Sticks Bar and Grill Tonight” I love playing shows at the outside venues! There’s something about those bad notes and wrong guitar chords endlessly echoing out in the wide open spaces…ha ha!...anyway, I’m going to be jamming at 7pm tonight at Sticks which is at Briar dale Golf Course in beautiful Euclid Ohio…if ya have some time to enjoy the outside come join me for some great food, great people, music and some summer fun…have a wonderful safe weekend all!...plain and simple.