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Hi guys!! We are thrilled to inform you that our album is finally available EVERYWHERE! That's right: we're on iTUNES, CD Baby and of course physical copies of the album can be ordered from our shop and they will be delivered to you no matter what distance!

Teodasia inform a small delay on the release date of the album in cd stores.

Teodasia inform a small delay on the release date of the album in cd stores. The album will now be available in stores from the 16th of April. Meanwhile, the italian band has not wasted any time and signed with GMR MUSIC (Crucified Barbara, M.M.I., The Citadel). The label will release the album in Sweden/Scandinavia. Let’s recap: anyone willing to purchase Teodasia’s debut album online can do so from the 30th of March. Those of you wishing to get the album from cd stores will now have to wait until the 16th of April (Audioglobe distribution)

Press release

‎"Upwards", Teodasia's debut album, will be available in stores from the 30th of March 2012. The venetian band is gaining much attention and interest regardless the fact that it has not officially released any material up until this very moment. They are proudly pursuing the musical tradition of notorious north european and italian acts (Nightwish, Epica, ReVamp and Elvenking, Rhapsody of Fire). Teodasia's music is epic - no doubt about that. It's an epic journey of sound. It varies from light to dark, from symphonic and melodic to heavy, intensley dynamic, powerful. Priscilla's voice guides the listener through a path of Light; it's a pilgrimage of the soul that leads upwards, to a state of a mystical rise -- which is embodied in the progression of sound throughout the album.

"Upwards" will be out in stores on the 30th of March 2012, and is distributed by Audioglobe. For those of you who can't wait until the release date, you can find a preview of the album and also the debut single, 'LOST WORDS OF FORGIVENESS' on the band's official website: www.teodasia.com