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Out of the Harbor

Greetings this holiday season! If you are wondering how the recording/producing process is going for my upcoming full-length cd to be released some time in 2014 then read on!

Here is where we are at: 3 songs are completely done, meaning recorded, mixed, and mastered! Woot! YEAH! 3 other songs have acoustic guitar and vocals completed! Paul will add other instruments as we both see fit and then mix and master those (Mostly all of the songs on the record are going to have a full band sound with more instruments). That's 6 songs I've mentioned so far, which leaves us with the remaining 4. On 1 of those songs I pretty much just need to nail the vocals, which is what I'm going to work on NEXT! 1 song needs to be completely recorded, but it is all the way written. And, the last 2 are still going through the writing/recording process....more like co-writing which Paul and I are getting good at! :) Smiles all around.

This full-length bears much excitement for me. I'm proud of what's been done so far and cannot wait to finish it and get it out for all of your listening ears! Be patient along with me b/c it's been a long process as this is not Paul's nor my full-time job. ;)

Paul is a joy to work with and I hope to capture at least a little bit of video of SOMETHING before this process is over. I know I really need to get on youtube. I just don't have an adequate video camera.

If you have any video or photos of me whatsoever, from any show then by all means feel free to email them to me or message me on my facebook page. Be sure to give my fb page a like as well as follow me on twitter!

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Thanks for your support in 2013 and here's to hoping 2014 will bring more amazing music!

Remember to leave the harbor every once in a while as you can't stay docked forever.

New Beginnings!

Hi Everyone! Just a quick write to let you all know that I only have 5 hard copies of my acoustic ep "Past Beginnings" left in my possession, which is a good thing! But, if you want a copy, either let me know or you can go here and order one www.cdbaby.com/kristylee12 or you can download it at the same site! It's also available to download on itunes or to stream for free on spotify! Thanks for all of your recent support. Know that I am working hard with my co-producer on an upcoming full-length cd, which we are very excited about. Brick by brick, right?!? I hope you all are well and that you all have hope. ;) Until next time...share your story. Everyone's got one.

My newest personal blog!!! Hot off the press!


Free at Last!

You can read my latest personal blog here! http://xrocker4himx-convalescence.blogspot.com/2012_11_01_archive.html

New Ep and upcoming shows!

Hi everyone! It's been about a month since the release of "Past Beginnings!" Thanks to anyone and everyone who's already bought it! If you haven't gotten your copy, you can order it herehttp://www.cdbaby.com/kristylee13 or digitally download it there it as well. Make sure you do so, so you will be able to sing along at my upcoming shows! The Wyoga Palooza event this past weekend that I play at every year was a blast! There will be pictures and video to follow. It's not all the time I get to play a gig outside by a lake! My next appearance will be @ Arabica cafe in Hartville on August 17th. This is a totally free show! And, I will be playing with Cory Heddleston (7-9pm). Next, I'll be playing at a private company picnic for a good friend. :) After that, I will be hitting up the Vortex in September! I had a great time the last time I played this venue in Akron, OH. So, make sure you set aside some cash for a ticket to that show. I look forward to these next 3 shows and can't wait to jam out live with you and book even more! Thanks for all your continued support. And, remember I'm on spotify now too--just type in "Past Beginnings" in the search bar and the ep should appear! Cheers!

The release of "Past Beginnings"

Hey all! As I'm sitting here sipping my chai latte, I am listening to the final version of the ep! Soon you will be able to listen to these songs for yourself! The ep will be submitted to cdbaby.com any day now and be available there for digital download. I will have hard copies of the cd in my possession after it goes through the duplication process! As soon as I have them, they will be available for purchase at my shows w/ cash. So, tell your friends about my music and that it is coming out very SOON! For now, listen to "Out of the Harbor" as it will be the first track on my acoustic ep. I hope you enjoy this track and all the others!

Done Recording!

So, tonight I finished up recording for my upcoming ep, "Past Beginnings!" I am very excited to move further into the mixing and mastering process. I am also working on artwork for the ep cover, etc. It won't be long now! Thanks for all your patience to hear the new music and for all of your support!

Progress in the Studio!

Hi again! I am almost done recording my ep due to release in May of this year. And, it looks like the ep is going to be 7 songs instead of 5! So, the songs will be: Wound Exposed, You Say (acoustic version), From the Grave (acoustic version), Word Became Flesh (acoustic), Destination Determined, Baby, and Out of the Harbor!!! (in no particular order). So I'm excited to continue working on finishing up the recordings and then it's on to the mixing and mastering process!

In the Studio

Hi guys! I have been busy recording these past few weeks trying to finish up my acoustic ep due to release next year. I am going to have about 5 songs on the ep and they are as follows as of right now: 1."Wound Exposed," 2. "acoustic version of You Say," 3. "acoustic version of From the Grave,"4. "Destination Determined," and 5. "Baby"

These are not in any particular order, but there you have it! I hope to finish recording the ep very soon so that mixing and mastering can be under way.

I will keep you informed and please have a very Merry CHRISTmas and a Happy New Year! ~Kristy Lee

Kristy Lee
Kristy Lee  (over 2 years ago)

I think I'm going to add Word Became Flesh to the songlist also!


Hey everyone!

My fellow producer Paul Matthews, and I, have set the goal of releasing my acoustic ep (yes, I said acoustic!) sometime in May of 2012. I will be heading to the studio to start recording the acoustic version of From the Grave next week! In the meantime, enjoy the music that is up and don't forget to download my single of the fully produced version of From the Grave at http://www.cdbaby.com/kristylee12.

Stay tuned for more news from the studio! ;)